Who Will Be in the Rumble?

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  1. Assuming they do the same thing last year where Dallas made it into the Rumble, who will be next? I think it'll be Zayn or Tyler breeze
  2. only Bo Dallas can fill the spot left behind by Bo Dallas
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  3. Mason Ryan :jeritroll:
  4. Is that where he went off to?
  5. Tricky one, they need someone who is able to connect with the fans immediately. Bo's problem in 2012 was that no one cared about him, there was no build on TV that made you care, there was just the tournament on the day of the rumble. If WWE would hype the tournament on TV leading up then maybe people would care more.
  6. Following what Stopsot has said I believe they should have the tournament on Raw and give them exposure.

    Zayn, Maybe Calihan as they are planning on calling him up.
  7. I think Zayn and definitely Sami are still to early to call into the main roster, or even give them exposure to the main crowd. I would say Adrian Neville maybe. Give him some exposure, and give him a spot or two in the Royal Rumble. Would lol a bit if him and Kofi battle it out in some weird inventive way to not touch the floor as they're out of the ring.
  8. Zayn and Sami?......whut? You mean Callihan? Got confused there.

    As for Neville, as a wrestler he is perfect for the match itself. But he lacks a character that people can care about. He needs to be established on the roster first IMO.
  9. I just think it's a bit to early to call up Sami Calihan to the main roster, and I think Zayn needs to stay in development just a bit longer. And I guess that's right about Adrian, just wouldn't be against it to see him in the match.
  10. I agree on both. I was just confused since Zayn's first name is Sami. I thought you mentioned him twice.
  11. Oh shit that is his first name :mog: I forgot what it was for a second.... :okay:
  12. Clearly getting the RR spot (if they do it again) doesn't indicate a permanent call up since BO was right back in NXT by the end of the next month.

    Zayn is the only guy in NXT I really would want to see make this type of main roster cameo for the Rumble
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  13. WWE apparently wanted to strap a rocket to Bo as a babyface at the time and bring him up full time. The plan was to have him take the IC belt off of Barrett (rumored at mania). But the fans didn't care about in the slightest, shout out to the fan who reacted with "what the fuck is a Bo Dallas" at the rumble.
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  14. I'm the biggest WWE critic at times and even I find it hard to believe that they would be this dumb. wtf do they see in the kid as a babyface? At least they corrected themselves with his NXT gimmick if that was the original plan, but again, I find that hard to believe. Like really, really hard to believe.
  15. Nepotism can take you places, he's a Windham. Also granted he was over back in FCW as your typical smiley babyface. But apparently that disappeared when he ruptured his spleen. Big Show is a big vocal supporter of Dallas in interviews, I also think JBL is a fan. And JBL has Vince's ear.
  16. You sure the whole JBL is a Boliever thing isn't kayfabe? It seems like it to me.

    I hope JBL isn't a supporter of that shithead.
  17. The JBL stuff can be just kayfabe. But he is close with Dallas' family so he's probably rooting for him.
    The Big Show one I know though since I heard the interview myself. But Big Show ain't the best judge of talent either.
  18. I don't even have anything against Dallas and get a kick out of his current gimmick, but the fact that anyone involved in the wrestling business would look at that creepy fuck 1 year ago and think: "WE GOTTA PUSH THIS KID ASAP AS A FACE. LIKE, TOMORROW, GET HIM A MID CARD BELT AT MANIA!"! is just.... I mean.... I can't even.
  19. I'm in the same boat. Right now Bo is great, because they are utilizing all his "negatives" to build his heat.
    Last year he did not deserve that rumble spot, especially considering who he beat for it.
  20. 31 wwe wrestlers.
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