Who will be Lesnars next Opponent?

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  1. Somewhere in the Forum i read that Lesanar is signed till WM31..Because i haven't see WWE lately(started again with this week's Raw),is Lesnars next match officialy called?And who will be his next opponent?
  2. I'll predict vs HHH at Summerslam.
  3. I honestly think it should be The Shield. I was so pumped when Lesnar took out 3MB and got face-pops, as I had a sneaky feeling The Shield might interrupt or something. That feud could be really good. Another one is Punk actually, that feud will be fantastic with Heyman involved. That's the route I think they'll take.
  4. As long as D Bry is over as all hell, why not have him feud with Lesnar? Have the typical backstage promo with Kane about being weak, D Bry is pissed, storms to the ring and cuts a seething promo about being a badass and he is calling out the toughest guy in the company... BRRRRRRRRRROCK. LESSSSSSNAR.
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  5. Hope not.This feud has being took to far..I am bored to see it,How Heyman said 1-2 for Brock.
    I hope it is Ryback or Cena.I like Cena getting his ass wipped.Or the Rock..He will come back at some point,won't he?
    I'd preder Punk,but he's to weak though.
    And are the Lenar matches real?No,right?

  6. Of course they are real. he is a trained UFC fighter so when WWE signed him they knew they had to make real fights. It's why he only fights Cena/HHH so far and there is always bleeding in the matches just like UFC matches.
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  7. Thought so too at the begining,but since WWE has signed him,they may don't want real matches since they don't know how the fight wouldend,cause there are kids in the audience.TNA is pretty much fake to,isn't it?
  8. CM Punk seems likely. Supposedly, Brock doesn't want to work with Punk (don't see why he wouldn't) but we'll see. Heyman becoming displeased with Punk and calling upon Brock to destroy him or them forming a very short-lived duo that goes awry quick is a logical enough set up for them to fight. Maybe Punk isn't returning full time yet, but rather, whatever happens at Payback or after creates tension between him and Heyman, which leads to Brock returning and putting Punk out (possibly without Heyman's consent, similar to the F-5 on Vince earlier this year) for another month or so. Punk then returns pissed, etc.

    I want to see a Randy Orton feud too, which is why I don't want Orton turning heel. I like the image of Brock being hit with the Rope Hung (second rope) DDT, or Orton going for an RKO only to be thrown halfway across the ring while in mid-air, or Brock kicking out of a punt kick and then delivering one of his own to Orton, etc. Orton could tap into his Viper persona a little more and really pull off the kind of intensity necessary for a feud with Brock.
  9. Punk obviously..Perhaps at SummerSlam.
  10. AJ Lee.
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  11. Wouldn't mind this either. The matches would be great, the crowd will be into it, the promos would be great. Book it Vince.

    Have Bryan beat Cena in the summer, become the new top guy, beat Lesnar immediately after to propel him to an even higher level. Fantasy booking ftw.
  12. Oh man. He faces Curtis at SS instead of HHH, setting up a couple of months more with HHH and Bork in the ring, with heyman and HHH going at it on the mic. I am cool with that. I just want to know how they setup his (im hoping) feud with the deadman for WM next year.
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