Who will be the 2014 version of the Chiefs?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Varus, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. So which team will escape the shitter like the Chiefs did last year? I'm going to have to say the Bucs. Lovie Smith being HC will improve their already monstrous defense along with the probability of bringing Charles Tillman in.

    Entertainment wise the bucs are going to be LAME.
  2. Well we all know it won't be the Browns :jericho:
  3. Josh Gordon is one nasty human being though. and that is WITH Brandon Weeden.
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  4. With anyone, screw that, Gordon is BEAST!!.. I hope they give Hoyer the start right off the back if he's feeling healthy after that ACL tear.. He was having a helluva two games prior to that.
  5. Yeah, fuck Manziel.
  6. I'm an Eagles fan, but I will cut my wrists for Browns fans if Manziel (if he gets drafted) gets first crack over Hoyer.
  7. TD Teddy will bring the Texans back to the promised land.
  8. The Chiefs were never that great... not saying you are saying they were.

    I'll go with Cleveland. Not sold on Baltimore, Cincy or Pittsburgh going into next year and if Cleveland can find a QB who is a step above dog shit (what they've had) they have a lot of talent. Apparently this Bills DC they hired knows his shit.
    They are taking Clowney...
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  9. No way.
  10. Wanna bet?
  11. Sure, but can you tell me why you think this? I mean don't they have one of the top defenses or something? Most of their games have been pretty close right?
  12. based on what I've read, all reports indicate they are in love with Clowney's talent and the idea of pairing him with Watt.
  13. I don't think you can predict atm, because the draft could change everything. The Texans if they're healthy would be my pick right now.
  14. what the hell lmao. I'll still stick with my bet.
  15. They're SO stupid if they take Clowney. Love the guy but it's Jake Long over Matt Ryan all over again. Long was a great LT but didn't help the Dolphins win games.
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  16. I really don't know what to think about clowney, a lot of people say he sucks but I've never really payed much attention to him.
  17. Great pass rushers effect games a lot more than offensive lineman... lineman can only be as helpdful as the offense allows them to be. Pass rushers take over and change games. 2nd most important position after QB.

    A lot of teams aren't sold on Bridgewater, assuming one of those teams is Houston and obviously Clowney is the pick. People like to remember all of the great top 5 Qbs but tend to forget how high the bust rate is. Drafting a QB doesn't mean shit if you aren't drafting the right guy. You like Bridgewater, I like Bridgewater, at least a handful of NFL teams do not.
  18. Anyone saying he 'sucks' is clueless. If you don't double team Clowney he is destroying your offense, period. He is a defensive game changer.
  19. the steelers or the browns
  20. Sounds like someone the Bucs will take
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