Who will be the bigger star: Big E or Roman Reigns??

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Dec 22, 2013.

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  1. Seems fairly clear that WWE has big plans for each of these two and both have plenty of fan support, who do you think will have the bigger impact?

    I'll say Reigns for two reasons: 1.) Big E has the shittiest finisher ever and 2.) He is like 5'8 in his boots.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Big E never winds up with the WWE Title. I can see him in some ME feuds and challenging for the belt but never winning it.

    I know we've had threads on both of these guys recently but I want to compare the two and their futures.
  2. Roman by a long way Big E will have a very solid uppermidcard powerhouse career kind of thing but Roman will be a major player. It's so difficult to explain but Roman just has that it factor.
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  3. That's a really tough question. It could be both as Big E has mainly the strong support from higher-ups, and Reigns just has that marketable look and style. As tough as it is, I think Reigns could turn out to be a bigger draw.
    2014 will be a big year for Reigns, and 2015 a big year for Big E.
  4. Big E is supposedly bros w/ Cena, but Reigns is related to the great one so if anything I'd say their backstage pull is probably about even.
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  5. I agree, Reigns has the IT FACTOR in droves.
  6. You're right, but if being relatives with the Rock meant anything, The Usos would have been tag champs at least once already.
  7. I sense this is a Roode pun so I'll refrain from getting involved although he reminds me kind of Goldberg with his presence not on that level but that kind of jazz.
  8. No Roode pun, he just chose the nickname that happens to be a buzz word in wrestling.
  9. They will be.
  10. Hopefully.
  11. before WWE stumbled into this Rhodes Brothers angle I'm sure they were next in line. Probably just an unfortunate happening for them. I really thought they were going to beat Reigns/Rollins back whenever they had a feud going.
  12. Yeah, they were most probably next in line, shame. They're pretty over though, so I hope WWE give them the belts during some time in 2014.
  13. I agree with Homo. Big E just seems like he'll be mostly a upper-midcard player at best (although he may win the WWE Title at some point, but probably no more than once at the most) while Reigns seems like he has the intangible It factor to become a big star. I get more of a Batista or Goldberg type of vibe with Reigns whereas I get more of a Ahmed Johnson type of vibe with Big E (not that he'll self-destruct and get himself released like Ahmed did, but you get the point.)
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  14. I'd say they are both pretty equal as they both have different styles don't see how they both can't be solid ME players and title holders in the future. They both have great looks both talented in ring I admit Reigns has the edge a little there but they are both entertaining. Personally I prefer Big E to Reigns as something about him I relate to more. But I see big things for both of them not just one.
  15. One odd thing about Big E is how he gets only slight pops during his entrance but the crowd gets really into his matches. Just watched his tag with Henry vs The Real Americans and the crowd got really into it.
  16. His entrance music always seems dead quiet. I know thats nothing to do with pops but the quality seems poor compared to others.
  17. In the Daniel Bryan era size really can't matter all that much, you still see Big E and think that that's totally a dude you don't want to fuck with. The jury's still out on Reigns, but so far so good based on what we've seen so far from both.

    Big E needs his old theme back though, curious to see what the Shield members get as singles guys
  18. just wait until the Rumble when Reigns fucking dominates and spears half the roster
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  19. E's backed by Cena apparently, so if that factors into anything I'd say Big E as it has been proven time and time again that you don't have to know how to wrestle well to hold the WWE title. Reigns has gotten better, but we haven't seen him in singles competition a lot, so I wouldn't even consider him yet. On top of that, he can't promo.

    Not saying Langston can, but he's a bit better than him there
  20. I don't see why people constantly say he can't promo. Just because he isn't being given stick time doesn't mean he can't. He isn't god's gift to talkers, but he has a natural presence and charisma that can carry him through speaking segments.

    Not a great example but this is all I can find off short notice, he isn't nails on a chalkboard by any means

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