Who will be the next Hall of Fame inductee

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    Last year TNA revealed its first Hall of fame inductee at Slammiversary, hopefully a tradition that will continue since it gave the show a nice touch that wasn't wrestling or in ring related (a feel good moment if you will). Last year we got Sting, but who will it be this year? And will there possibly be multiple inductees?

    Jeff Jarrett is someone I think most of us agree deserves a spot in the HOF but is he likely to go in this year? (What is his status with the company overall right now?). Is there anyone else who truly deserves a spot in TNA's hall of fame? Discuss this topic in here.
  2. Jarrett is the only option. I don't like inducting guys who are still active, so that takes Angle out of it for me.
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  3. Jeff Jarrett.
    Would love AJ Styles.
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  4. Double J carried the company in the early years, Kurt after also Hogan eventually. He put us through a lot of crap programming but he's been at the forefront of many positive moves (on the road, live impacts and drew their highest rating segment I believe)
  5. Itll probably be a random, unfortunately. Double J is cool with me.
  6. Jarrett of GTFO.
  7. I'd really like Styles, but Jarrett deserves to first. Do people here think Angle deserves it more than Styles?
  8. Angle's been great to TNA, but lol no. Styles made TNA. Styles is TNA.
  9. Yeah exactly. I was shocked that only Jesse mentioned him and people were saying Angle. Styles is pretty much Mr TNA.
  10. Styles not getting inducted this year would be great for his storyline right now, tbh.

    So it must be Jarrett, AJ next year and Kurt in 2015.
  11. Jarrett for sure, someday we'll see Daniels and AJ there for sure
  12. Daniels getting into TNA HOF will be the greatest day of my fucking life.
  13. Double J for sure. In the future, Beer Money should be inducted together, but that's gonna be a lot later. Just wanted to give them a mention since their home is TNA and they're loyal to the show. I'm sure AJ Styles will get in as well, as well as Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, and yes even Hulk Hogan in the future.
  14. Roode shouldn't be shoehorned in with Storm. He's been brilliant on his own and has the longest title reign in the company's history. He deserves his own induction when the time is right.
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