Who will be the next NXT Women's Champion?

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  1. I think it is safe to say now Paige has the Divas title, she will be dropping the NXT Women's title soon to fully be a WWE DIva. Who do you think she will drop the belt to? Of all the stars, I really think Sasha Banks can roll with the belt and have some great bouts with Bailey, take this weeks match, Bailey has a nice face character and Sasha in my opinion is the harley quinn to her batgirl.
  2. Charlotte is the one being set up to feud with her. So I think her, and she drops it to Bayley.
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  3. Bailey would be my choice but realistically, Charlotte looks to be the woman to face Paige and winning against Paige who has that big reign and double champion status is something she needs. Sasha Banks please bitch
  4. [​IMG] Ed, Sasha is my queen
  5. I'm probably the only one that thinks this, I'll allow.

    But, I think Paige should surrender the title voluntarily to "focus on being Divas Champion" (or however she explains it). It allows them to set up a tournament for the NXT Womens Championship (gives 8 women an "opportunity" at the belt) and gives whoever wins that an immediate feud point with Paige when that woman (I figure it's likely either Charlotte or Sasha Banks, to be honest) comes up to the main roster (as Paige didn't actually lose the belt).

    You could even put Natalya and Summer Rae in the tournament (those two, particularly Nattie, would probably be prohibitive favorites to win it) only to have them reach the semis and one eliminate the other while the winner goes on to lose in the finals.....I know, inside baseball, but that's just me.

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  6. Another tournament bro?
  7. Can't say I agree here. While the idea is solid. The belt was originally won in a tournament, and now the first and only champ is just dropping it to set up another tournament?
  8. I just think the value of her being an undefeated NXT Womens Champion is higher than the issues with having another tournament is all.

    Besides, you have to remember that most of the WWE Universe is new to NXT and don't know we "just had" a tournament to crown the first NXT Womens Champion.

  9. But it still diminishes the value of the belt. All past superstars have dropped the belt when they went up, Big E etc, Paige should drop the belt and put someone else over
  10. What Flair said. Paige's reign needs an definite end. Her dropping the belt devalues the rest of the divas roster since it sends the message that "no one can beat her".
  11. Here's where the comparison between Big E and Paige doesn't work: Big E wasn't WWE Champion when he dropped the NXT Championship.

    Is it more important to "protect the credibility" of the NXT Womens Championship or the WWE Divas Championship?

  12. I'm not saying that Paige needs to put someone over cleanly, a cheap win can set up a heel diva nicely, a rope win/tights win lets the heel diva have something to rant about (I beat the Diva champion, allowing a face (Bailey) to come in and create a feud while Paige gets to go up to the main show, and RAW never bring anything from NXT into their shows, correct me if I am wrong, but WWE don't bring NXT feuds into the main show's "universe"
  13. This is actually the one saving grace of her dropping the belt. If it's a dirty win, then it works without hurting her (and, by extension, the Divas Title).

    As for them not bringing NXT feuds to the main roster, you're right to say they have not. Neither of us can say that they never will. This is particularly an issue now that a national/international audience can see NXT every week, not just the people who got the regional channel where it was broadcast before. I mean, do you really think WWE won't bring up the history Sami Zayn and Cesaro have (and I'm just talking about their NXT history, not their history on the Indies) when Sami Zayn makes his main roster debut?

  14. I think it would be a major mistake not to bring up that history if the two are going to enter feuds. However saying that, I don't think WWE would want to say "Cesaro & Zayn had what people are calling match or matches of the year on NXT" when they will be seen as Mid-Carders (Zayn mainly) with talent like Cena & Orton, so who knows on that, we may just have that brushed aside and have a clean slate when Zayn comes up
  15. Yeah, although I can hear JBL bringing that up in my head prior to a Cesaro/Zayn match....it does make it seem more important for people to get the WWEN to watch NXT if the "match of the year" is on it. It's a glorious thought (at least to me).

  16. JBL will, he is a boss like that. It is whether you want to sacrifice your top talent's lack of wrestling ability (Cena) to sell Subscriptions.
  17. I think it will be Charlotte, they have been changing up her look and theme (I think). And she's Flair's daughter for crying out loud. If being related to anyone will help you in this business (and you know it does) then being Flair's daughter must be like having a golden ticket. As long as she has SOME talent anyway (which it seems like she does).
  18. It does seem like it'll be Charlotte. It should ideally be a heel, especially if they're going to win dirty obviously. I'd be completely fine with Charlotte becoming champ, and a feud against Bayley would be pretty fun. Btw, with Emma, Paige and Summer gone/about to be gone, shouldn't they start debuting some new girls? Because atm they have Bayley, Charlotte and Sasha... am I forgetting anyone (not counting main roster divas who eventually show up of course)?
  19. My care cup \_/
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  20. Ive just read news that the NXT womens title will be vacated and Charlotte or Sasha could get it. So Paige isnt gonna lose it in a match. I would rather she stayed double champion and defended both titles she deserves to hold both titles and show she is the best diva in NXT and WWE
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