Ring of Honor Who will be the next ROH Champ?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Nouvelle Vague, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. Chris Hero is back and is a strong possibility, AJ Styles is returning but that could just be for a short period. Elgin at one stage looked like it and is still a major threat. Steen has a very good chance of becoming only the 2nd man in company history to become champion again.

    I see Adam Cole holding onto the title for a good while possibly till Final Battle with all his chickenshit heel tactics.

    Is there anyone else who could emerge and take the title?
  2. Hero is the guy I want to take the strap once Cole's time is over.

    I could see them putting it on one of the Decade guys depending on how that stable goes. Preferably Jacobs because that man fucking deserves it.

    I fear that Elgin will one day hold it. Because Elgin is garbage now compared to 2010-2011.
  3. I think they need to go down the route of people winning it twice, it makes matches pretty predictable at times and when guys like Jay Briscoe get crap reigns it sucks that they wont even get a chance to hold it again.

    I would like Jay to win it again just to see how he would be as champ, Hero is a strong chance, Elgin is most likely.
  4. Yeah this is the problem with ROH its great that guys who never been champ before get a chance but it does make title matches predictable when a former champ is challenging. Even if a former champ has a short 4 month reign before passing it to someone new.

    I still would love a Hero reign though and Jacobs is a guy who can go in the ring and is great on the mic but he is very unlikely.

    While Jay Briscoes run was hardly perfect it was not entirely his fault, i would like to see him get a another go but i doubt plus he made comments about gay people so he is hardly a pr dream
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  5. I'd love to see Jay with the TV belt down the road. Give him the singles rub without the pressure of being face of the company.
  6. Jay Briscoe, Hero, or Styles even though Steen is definitely up there.
    Adam Cole is a paper champ
  7. Would love to see Jay Vs Ciampa, that match would be brutal.
  8. How is Cole a paper champ? He won the belt by defeating 15 other guys.
  9. Look at theguy, does he look like a champ to you?
    more like a chump to me.
  10. Cole is perfect as champ.
  11. Yeah i agree he has potential to be a good singles guy,I think he would excel with the TV title.
  12. Hero is long overdue.
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