Who will be the next to take the title from AJ Lee?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by greenlanternguy19, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Hello, first I'd like to welcome myself to the site. I am greenlanternguy19, I am a huge fan of wrestling. Ive been watching WWE since I was a little kid.. (Yes, I am a viewer of the attitude era) Okay on with it..

    AJ Lee is on her way to making history in about 3 weeks, making herself the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion of all time. Monday Night Raw of last week marked her 187th day. She brags that she will become the longest reigning champion and I think she will. I think that with all the historical events of last year's wwe that they will allow her to retain her title, probably even after Royal Rumble and become the 1st place in the recordbooks. But, I feel since her champion buzz is fading, it's time for a new champion. I'd appreciate a Total Diva getting it, and I think it would be "best for business" to let a total diva win the belt. It would raise viewers for the wwe and total divas.

    But what do you think. Who do you think will take away the title from AJ Lee? Why>? [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Anybody other than Eva or The Bellas. Tbh, I haven't been interested in the Divas since AJ/Kaitlyn, so I'd say her, but for some reason they're making Kaitlyn seem like a heel
  3. Definitely Nattie, she has a lot of potential and I would mark out if she won
  4. Natty married into the wrong family. It's fucked up, but i would bet my dick some slut like paige comes in and soaks up 14 months with the dick takers title. Honestly who even gives a fuck when Tamina Snooka is a bodyguard for a creepy bitch who skips around the ring and looks like an emo snatch before she uses her 2 moves of doom?

    Roll up and a lesbian looking submission ftw.
  5. Think Brie has gotten better in the ring. Give it to her and have her fight her sister, I can dig that.
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