Who will be top scorer next season?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. IMO it'll be Rooney.

  2. In the EPL or overall?
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  3. EPL. Probably should have said that.

    Overall, Messi obv.
  4. Gonna go for Rooney as well.
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  5. Such a bromance.
  6. Carroll!
  7. Pique and Terry are amused.

    :lol1: :terry:
  8. How could I resist being a troll!
  9. I'm hoping for Mario. :laugh:

    But I think it'll be Rooney
  10. I would have said Rhodes but seen as he won't be playing in the Premiershit next season because he'll decide to stay with the mighty terriers, I'm thinking one of the Newcastle forwards, I can't remember the name of the one who scored some crackers.
  11. Pappis Cisse
  12. RVP if he stays in the EPL, ends up in a good team and can keep the level he had last season
  13. That's the guy, I think he'll have another good season this year.
  14. Hopefully Mario.
  15. Aguero, but hopefully not.
  16. I'll say Aguero, had a good solid first season in the Premier League, and hopefully he'll build on that and score even more goals.
  17. Kun is a great shout tbh, Cisse could well suffer second season syndrome as more people know what he's about.
  18. If Tevez stays at City, It wouldn't suprise me if him and Aguero were #1 & #2 top scorers. After Tevez returned from his absence them two were on Fire, Banging and creating goals left, right, center. If Mancini can get everyone firing on all cylinders there will be plenty of goals. :smile:
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