WrestleMania Who will be Undertaker vs. at WM29!?

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  1. Brock Lesnar

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  2. CM Punk

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  3. He not wrestling this year!

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  4. Someone Else? Please post on thread who if vote this?

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  1. Who will Undertaker vs. at WrestleMania 29!?

  2. Nobody, he won't work WrestleMania this year.
  3. poll up please vote.
  4. LOL why is Brock even there?
    You want Taker to be killed? lol
  5. Dude I really thing Taker vsing Brock at WM HHH said at Slammy u have not seem the last of the undertaker and HHH could beat so he could being him back to beat Brock for him since he know that he can't lose at WM!
  6. Taker is not facing Brock. Taker is barely gonna be able to fight Punk. Brock would literally kill him.
  7. U do know wrestling is not real right!? So yes it can have been! AND I BELIVE WILL HAVE BEEN! And i can't to prove u all wrong!
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  8. Wake up Gohan, that's obviously not gonna happen. lol
  10. :mad2:

    I thought wrestling was real wtf. I been conned this whole time?!?!?!

    Even if wrestling fake, Brock hits hard and does big moves that could hurt taker very much!
  11. EVERYONE HIT HARD IT WRESTLING! How do we know he really hurt for all we now WWE could be hurt he wwe could just be hurting it from us? SO we will not think it Brock vs. Taker! The way that have book storyline i do belive Undertaker vsing Brock at WM29!
  12. As I've pointed out a few times before elsewhere, if Taker can have two very physical matches with Triple H the two previous years, he can survive one with Brock as well. With Lesnar, they wouldn't even have to bring out the steel chairs or tables or anything, just having it be an all out slug fest (with Brock's stiffness) would be enough. Not that it's gonna happen, anyway. Vince/Heyman being set up for next week is gonna end with Vince being cornered by Brock (who is supposed to reappear next week) and look more helpless than ever on only one good leg, only for Triple H to come to the save.

    Taker will either face Punk or take the year off, most likely the latter. If Punk loses next week, he can claim he will still top Cena/Rock and being the WWE Champion by challenging/ending Taker's streak and thus creating the biggest Wrestlemania moment ever. And that'll be how the feud starts. I hope for a triple threat, though.
  13. I still have vsing Taker that could do it were tell Brock oh ur not vs. me at WM29 ur going to vs. this match and then dong and the Undertaker come out as hhh know he the 1 man who could beat Brock at WM as he unbeatin!
  14. :dafuq:
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