Who will be willing to work a match with Lesnar like the one last night besides Cena?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Let's see, I'm thinking.. nobody. Nobody else is going to take those elbows, knees, or be put in a legitimate looking kimura like that. Brock won't have a match as good as the one last night for the rest of his 1 year tenure with WWE.

    Yet another reason why Brock/Cena right off the bat made no sense. This match should have been built up for much longer than one month
  2. Bryan probably would but he isn't a big enough star, so I can't see it.
  3. Ziggler could sell the kemura. :angle:
  4. Yea Brock bludgeoning Bryan doesn't do much of anything for anybody outside of smarks, and we all know how little we matter. I guess it could be a way to cement Bryan as a tough SOB & a face if they wanted to show off his toughness, but WWE isn't wasting Brock on Bryan unfortunately.


    That kimura didn't need selling. It was a legitimate kimura, just not being cranked to try and break his shoulder or elbow obviously, but it was painful and I think it's possible that Cena has a real injury from it. Wouldn't surprise me either way if he is hurt or it's a work
  5. I really can't think of anyone else who has the mix of star power and toughness. I can't see Rock doing it with his movie schedule.
  6. Besides Bryan.. Punk or Jericho IMO. Undertaker would do for Wrestlemania, but that's about it. If we include star power only Undertaker would do really.
  7. The only fake stuff from that match no lie were the slams. Everything else was surreal. The only guys I think will have ball to face Brock would be Undertaker and Stone Cold if he ever wrestles one more match.
  8. Punk might be killed or legitimately KO'd by those knees or elbows. Same with Taker. His old ass would suffer internal bleeding if he ate one of those knees to the body that Cena took.

    The more I think about it the more I think WWE dropped the ball big time with Brock's return.
  9. Ok, well I think at this point we need a big guy or another superman.

    - Big guys could be Big Show (Probably not), Sheamus (Maybe), Ryback (No), or Tensai (Slim chance).
    - Supermen. By this I mean people like Angle, Cena, Rock, MAYBE Punk at this point. I loved Brocks feud with Angle. Angle new how to draw matches out and made his feud with Brock believable because of his cheating tactics and similar amateur wrestling background. That being said, if Swagger was about 8-10 years in the future, I'd say him, but not right now.

    As for the legitimate blows, I think it was match specific. Lesnar is capable of plain wrestling, and he will have to be outside of an Extreme Rules environment.
  10. Funkasaurus vs brock!

  11. Bryan would be the best choice IMO. If WWE was willing to go all the way with him and let him be the badass, American Dragon face that he was in ROH I think a program/ass beating from Brock could cement him as a top guy and make him a made man for life.
  12. I'm not sure about Punk, he's small but he's a tough ****.

    But yeah Bryan would be the perfect choice, sadly Vince hates us all too much for that to ever happen. Would be so great.

    Or Miz purely to see Crayo's reaction when he gets killed.
  13. Bryan would only be good because he has great knowledge of MMA style and submission and Bryan and Brock could go pretty far is Bryan was put in a huge face storyline with everyone behind him and given the image as a formidable opponent.

    I just want to see Undertaker VS Brock Lesnar WM29
  14. I have no interest in Taker vs Brock personally. No way WWE would end the streak for a guy who has no long term commitment with the company.
  15. Dolph Fuck sucks

    Punk did crack his skull at one point in his early career and apparently refused painkillers. I think it was legit.


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  16. Reply

    Who said he'd end the streak :otunga:

    I say Brock starts to win all the way up to a big bout at WM and has a bigger feud with Cena at another PPV like Survivor Series where he wins.
  17. RE: Reply

    Nobody, that's the point. I'm tired of Undertaker being in anticlimactic feuds against guys I know won't end the streak.
  18. But Brock Lesnar is a formidable opponent and you just said WWE won't let him win so either way you can even throw Goldberg or Stone Cold and you still know Taker's gonna win.
  19. I want Taker vs a guy like Cena or Punk or someone with a future in the company that they build up over the next year so from WWE's POV it would make sense to let them go over Taker as it would be the rub of a lifetime, this way going in at least I can fool myself into, okay this would make sense if they end the streak
  20. Are you serious? Those elbows were legit yes but they weren't full force. You or I could have taken them. Jesus, Punk could take them easily, as could Taker.
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