Who Will beat Ryback

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Victoria Justice, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. i personally think it will be a super like

  2. kane is a nobody tho
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  3. No idea, I don't think it'll be Big Show. Probably some coward heel.

  4. GTFO!

  5. Do you really think that dolphs he is not a likely person in my book
  6. Ryback is a face, so I don't see him facing Cena, Punk, or Sheamus.

    We know WWE doesn't use guys with momentum to help build new stars, they use them to be fed to guys who don't need it. Big Show is the most likely guy IMO
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  7. Big Show or Kane seems to be the only choice here.
  8. James Storm.
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  9. If its between kane and bigshow i think kane
  10. I would say either Big Show or Kane however I think Big Show because of his knock out punch, he could easily get him! Saying that, it depends on who does the damage first.
  11. I think that he'll have a long winning streak, so I don't know who'll be the first to beat him. I'm still wondering who is he going to feud with first. :dawg:
  12. Maybe if they put RYBACK In some real matches instead of against Jobbers it would clear the path
  13. Who could Ryback go up against right now?
  14. As much as I hate to say it, Drew would be a perfect power vs power option, or Hunico if you want him to squash a little guy. Since they aren't going to use those guys anyway for some unfathomable reason, guess letting them be on TV for something is better than them never being seen.

    Maybe let him beat the living hell out of Jinder Mahal's no-talent ass.
  15. The only difference there would be Ryback burying active wrestlers in WWE instead of non-active wrestlers. It does more harm to the receivers that way, but maybe is better for Ryback. I understand the hate for Ryback facing jobbers, but unless you want to see the guys you and many others (including myself) like on Superstars/NXT getting buried instead it's all we can have until a decent feud is available.

    I believe it'll be booked with Ryback going over 3 wrestlers in the ring next then heel X from the active roster jumping him. I'd love Drew to actually play that role as he's one of the best "aggressive wrestlers" on the roster.
  16. Wouldn't mind a long feud between Drew and Ryback actually. Have Drew beat Ryback dirty in their 2nd / 3rd match, sending Ryback insane determined to beat him into a pulp but Drew keeps on sliming out until Ryback wins the final match.
  17. But that would mean WWE having faith in Drew?

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