Who Will Become The NEW X-Division Champion Tonight on IMPACT?

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    After 3 thrilling X-Division triple threat matches this past Thursday at Destination X, fans everywhere have been reminded why the X-Division is the most exciting division in professional wrestling today. From those matches, 3 contenders emerged and this Thursday on Spike TV, a new X-Division Champion will be crowned!

    Low Ki returned 2-weeks ago, making a huge splash by first knocking off DJ Z and then defeating both Z and Manik at Destination X. The two-time former champion and fan favorite wasted no time reminding us why he is one of the all-time greats in TNA history. This week, he plans to rise to the top of the division and become a 3-time X-Division Champion.

    Sanada has proven to be one of the best international stars of wrestling since arriving in TNA earlier this year, as a protégé of iconic Japanese star The Great Muta. Sanada quickly captured the X-Division title and has reigned at the top of the division for a majority of 2014. Since losing the belt, we have seen a darker and more aggressive style from Sanada – which led to his betrayal of The Great Muta and alliance with “Cowboy” James Storm. Could this new bond with the “Cowboy” mean that Sanada returns to the top of the X-Division?

    What could you not say about Samoa Joe? The Samoan Submission Machine is one of the all-time greats and one of the most recognizable stars in professional wrestling. As one of the most decorated superstars in the history of the company, Joe is a
    5-time X-Division Champion and one of only a handful who has held every title in TNA. Last week, Kurt Angle announced that Samoa Joe was returning to the X-Division and he wasted no time raising the bar once again, defeating Homicide and Tigre Uno in an incredible match. As quickly as Samoa Joe returned to the X-Division, will he rise to the top and capture gold this Thursday?

    One of these 3 men will be your new TNA X-Division Champion. Find out who tomorrow on Spike TV, as IMPACT airs at 9/8c.


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