Who will challenge ADR for the WHC now?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Aug 19, 2013.

  1. After retaining against Christian clean last night, ADR needs an opponent for Night of Champions. Will Christian get another shot or will it be a new guy?

  2. Lets not forget RVD, he's a possible contender
  3. Please Ziggler
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  4. I think Cole mentioned if Rhodes won his match against Sandow then he would be next in line.
  5. Rhodes winning it would be sweet because you could have the storyline with Sandow's briefcase pick up.
  6. ROB VAN DAM! I'm sure WWE will put del Rio's title on the line against Van Dam. I won't buy that PPV.
  7. Would personally love a Rhodes vs Rio. Both are damn good inside a ring. However, I feel like his feud with Sandow hasnt ended yet. Which means that he needs to move on first. Rhodes winning the title but Sandow cashing in, leading to a Sandow (c) vs Rhodes feud would be awesommeeee. But, I wouldnt like to see both briefcases cashed in within two months.

    Ziggler would be my fave pick. But we all know that this Kaitlyn shit is probably going to be around for a little bit more, and Kaitlyn means AJ, and AJ means Big E.
  8. Rhodes or RVD. Although Rhodes isn't through with Sandow yet I think.
  9. Doesn't matter at all... the title has lost complete relevance at this point.

    The title is just a prop and the matches involving it haven't been booked strongly in the least.

    If you're simply going to make a joke out of it... not put it on somebody SD fans wanto see ... then throw it in the trash
  10. Rhodes would be a good pick, so he can hear up his feud with Sandow with the title in the mix.
  11. So many options. Figure it's Cody because of what Austin1 said, but Curtis Axel needs a challenger at NOC.
    Maybe it's wishful thinking, but Dolph's beyond that... Bob and Henry will be taken up by the Shield... Christian can't drop all the way down to the IC belt...
    So Cody can take on Axel while Dolph gets Del Rio. Please.
  12. Ziggler, I hope. No reason for the feud with Langston and AJ to continue on.
  13. Yeah, Ziggler and Rio need one more go at it IMO.
  14. im betting on another zig big e feud, unfortunately.

    RVD is who ill bet on. Him having Ricardo now solidified it IMO.
  15. That is true. The Ricardo thing does make it kind of obvious

  16. Ziggler apparently

    Show Spoiler

    went over Big E clean on SD. Don't think they are going to keep that bullshit up after 2 straight DZ wins over that useless fuck.
  17. Nice @the spoiler info lol
  18. in our dreams buddy. In our dreams. #
  19. Nah that feud is legit over. WWE realized midway through how shitty the feud was. Why do you think there was literally no build for the SS match during the go home Raw OR SD and the match was 5 minutes long? They are done with it
  20. Didn't Ambrose and Big E have a match for Ambrose's title on NXT last week? They should bring that feud up to the main shows. Even if its just on SD to start.
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