Who will dethrone Big E?

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  1. Big E has been the NXT champion for a while now. But he's also on the main roster full time and a lot of fans think it is time that he drops the NXT belt. But the question is, to who?

    NXT has a lot of good heels right now but since Seth turned heel they haven't had a good face (god knows Dallas ain't good). Having him drop it to a young babyface could help the next NXT generation. Neville would be a good pick since Grey is out on an injury for about six months. But if Neville is also close to being called up then that wouldn't be smart.

    Who do you think should pick the belt off of Big E?
  2. Knowing H, it'll probably be Mason Ryan.
  3. Mason is unlikely. I suspect Big E to drop the title at the next taping on May 2nd and Mason has no presence on screen other than a squash against Sakamoto in January. I honestly think Corey Graves will take it and turn faceish. They are building him around the belt and how he wants it so it seems likely.
  4. Yeah likely. Wouldnt mind Neville to have a short title reign
  5. I'd personally like Adam Cole winning Big E(lephant) if he signs with WWE
  6. Cole wouldn't be on TV in time for him to dethrone Big E if he signs with WWE. If he gets signed he will probably not be in NXT until like September.
  7. Corey Graves has something I like so I'll say him or give it to Bray in a 3 way match involving Bo.
  8. Also is E working heel since he's with DZ? Or isn't that translated? If so I'll throw Generico in there, he could be the randomer who scores a fluke win to enrage the champ.
  9. I know but maybe WWE wants to make it interesting and making "the new guy" the NXT champion and defeat Big E
  10. E is actually a face on NXT. Tweener at best.
    Big E will not be NXT champion until September. Which is the earliest I can see Cole show up on NXT TV if he signs at all.
  11. Well that's awkward.
  12. Yeah, I know that if he signs up he won't be competing at leats until September and Big E has a bigger role than being NXT champion so it's true too, he has started competing in serious matches and that may push his career to the top of WWE and but I'd really like to see Cole as champion in WWE
  13. It is pretty awkward yeah. He should be a heel, Seth turned when he debuted on the main roster but Big E seemingly hasn't. He has only feuded with heels so far, Conor and Corey (But I guess Corey counts as a tweener since he feuds with both heels and faces).
  14. That's something they should fix
  15. Punk is busy...

    How many of you will understand that?
  16. Brad Maddox. :smug:
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