Who will dethrone the beast??

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dillard Commons, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. Hey WWE Fanboys and Girls.

    I've been thinking a lot lately about the World Title picture.

    We all know the rumors of reigns getting his break out push to the cosmic key (Lmao) but his injury has paved the way for Dean Ambrose who is already extremely over and entertaining to become a top star and talking point.

    Personally I always preferred him over roman but wwe sees the potiental and is running with it so there's that .

    To wrap things up , in your opinion or logic ... Come WM 31 who do you see facing the beast.

    Whether it be Draxtista, Mr.Dywane Johnson , Roman , Dean, Cena, Bryan , or even the always relevant Phill Brooks comment your predictions.
  2. DAN
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  3. Zack Ryder.
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  4. As much as I love Ambrose and consider him my favorite, I don't know if he should be winning the championship this early. I'd prefer if it took him to Summerslam next year or perhaps even Wrestlemania 32 before he finally captured the gold. I think the best thing for him in the long run is to follow the Austin/Cena path by remaining in the undercard for a year or more before pushing him to the top. His popularity would have to catch on in a huge way before they'd ever consider having him defeat Brock Lesnar. I mean, has he even won a meaningful match on Raw or Smackdown since his face turn?

    Daniel Bryan will probably reclaim his throne as the most over superstar as soon as he returns and since his championship reign never even got off the ground properly before he got injured, the fans will likely be rallying behind him more than other to win the Rumble. Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan would be the most emotional story for next year's Wrestlemania and possibly the greatest underdog match of all time.
    LOL @ Roman Reigns being the one WWE wants to end Brock Lesnar's reign of terror. :dawg: He's not bad or anything, but both Bryan and Ambrose will be more over than he will be next year unless something short of a miracle happens or something. So hopefully it won't be him. They should probably just build up to that Reigns/HHH that they've been wanting to do for so long at WM31 instead.

    Overall, I'm gonna go with Daniel Bryan, despite the fact that I'd prefer if the guy who beats Lesnar wasn't already as much of a made man as Bryan is.
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  5. All that text to say you agree with most posters here.
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  6. Yeah I would love for Bryan to be that guy . It would be a huge miss if they don't do it.

    I absolutely despise the thought of Roman winning the rumble after his return due to his last PPV match with orton being a real trainwreck that didnt even meet the low expectations I had for that match.

    Yeah Daniel would be perfect and it seems destined since his injury actually prevented him from a summerslam loss to the beast and having cena take the loss really builds bryan up should he beat brock at WM.

    Well we will see what happens.
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  7. Daniel Bryan, Cesaro or Reigns. I mean, I'd rather have Ambrose than Reigns, but they are fixated on the idea that Reigns will rek everyone who comes in his path in WM season, including Lesnar. I'm sure Bryan would have a chance because he's still going to be the most over superstar when he returns and judging by how they apparently wanted Bryan to lose to Lesnar at Summerslam, they could've been thinking of having Bryan beat Lesnar at WM31. If Cesaro's push from WM30 was carried on and he got to feud with guys like Swagger while keeping Heyman and possibly being a face, they could have had him built up for a year but still, he's not a lost cause. People are still behind Cesaro and given a push anytime soon, he can perhaps be the 1 to beat the 1 in 21-1.
  8. Anyone but Reigns, really. Not hating the guy, but it's too early for him to win the major championship and let alone go over The Beast.

    My opinion... Daniel Bryan - It makes pefect sense. Finally, his B+ player storyline would come full circle by defeating the one who beat the one.
    It's prolly going to happen at WM31... And since the Empire likes to bite Bryan on the ass, they'll probably cash in Seth's MITB and ruin Bryan's another huge moment.

  9. Only one man for the job.. Adam Rose's Bunny.
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  10. Bad News Barrett. I want another JBL. We're horrendously overdue for one.
    If the cat get stay healthy, we're talking a guy with legit presence can work the stick and deliver the unexpected.
    Bryan is the obvious answer. Stop thinking so small.
    Bryan will be hot for a minute. Barrett will deliver the entertainment we've all been waiting for this entire time.

    Get behind Bad News Barrett.
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  11. BNB is so fucking cool. Cannot wait for his return.
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  12. STONE COLD :emoji_slight_smile:
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  13. You should be used to that by now.
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  14. ya motha
  15. DB or Reigns.
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  16. If Mania is centered around DIck Butt again this year I'ma be disappointed.
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  17. Daniel Bryan is an overrated pussy boy. He is also lazy, as proven by all of this time taken off after WWE giftwrapped him a huge push. Dude cares about nobody but himself.

    Push Ziggler instead, he is a hard worker and doesn't look like a short order fry cook.
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  18. says the guy who doesn't watch WWE any more....at least last I heard....

    he's injured and wants to be 100%....he's talented as well and the only thing he doesn't do as good as Ziggler is sell moves...Ziggler is great but also a cocky asshole..maybe if he gets his head out of his ass, he will actually be world champ and not settle for IC champ.
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