Who will hold the championship going to Mania?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zack Ryder, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. Who do you think will hold the WWE World-heavyweight Championship going in to Wrestlemania XXX? I want it to be Daniel Bryan but it probably wont be him. It'll probably be Orton and then he'll lose to someone at 'Mania XXX.
  2. I am guessing it will be Cena, Brock or Batista.
    Sadly, I think D-Bry is being set up to fight Shamless again.
  3. I think it may turn out to be a triple threat between Batista, Cena and Orton
  4. :ohgod: I hope not. lolol
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  5. Seems like something that would happen
  6. :eww2::eww2::eww2::eww2:
  7. Or the match will be the steel cage match from 2009.
  8. It will be Randy. That lame ass predicted WM card is clearly coming true no matter how much you all want to deny it.
  9. DENY HARDER DAMMIT! :angry:
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  10. Unfortunately I have a feeling it will be Orton.
    Brock would be dope though..

    Definitely not :cry:
  11. I hope Batista throws a tantrum after he loses and quits
  12. Zack Ryder
  13. Best match ever. Zack Ryder comes out at the end of match and declares he will face the winner. Since the winner is weak, Ryder hits the Rough Ryder and Ryder is the new WWE WorldHeavWeight Champion
  14. It will be Orton (c) v Batista in the worst WWE championship match in Wrestlemania history. Probably with a stipulation to liven this shit up.
  15. :true:
  16. The stip being whoever can get the fans to give a flying fuck and chant their name wins the bout.

    I apologise for the profanity.
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  17. Lol dude
  18. Guarantee you Daniel Bryan, then all the announcers, then Mick Foley, then the ref, then Randy Savage, then then the ice cream vendor, then some fatass in the front row, then Jimmy Snuka... all those guys would be "winners" and the match would never end.
  19. Forgot the crackhead
  20. FRONT ROW CRACKHEAD! *clap clap clap clap clap* FRONT ROW CRACKHEAD!

    (Unless you mean Jake Roberts, which is always possible. Either way it's a more possible crowd chant than either guy getting cheered.)
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