Who Will Join Bobby Roode in the #1 Contenders Match?

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Oct 14, 2014.

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    Previously, Kurt Angle announced that there would be a Four Way #1 Contenders Match on tomorrow's IMPACT that would determine the next challenger for Lashley's TNA World Heavyweight Championship. We know that Bobby Roode is in, but who else will compete?

    Kurt Angle will announce the participants at the start of IMPACT tomorrow night so, while we wait, IMPACTWrestling.com writers have compiled their thoughts on who deserves a shot at The Destroyer!

    Here are five potential challengers:
    - Magnus: After losing the World Title to Eric Young earlier this year, Magnus has been largely out of the World Title mix - focusing more on tag team action with Bram. However, we know that Magnus would love to prove himself once more. After finding a much more physical side of himself, Magnus could begin his climb back to the top this Wednesday on Spike.

    - Jeff Hardy: Hardy certainly gave Lashley a run for his money when the two met up earlier this summer. Since then, The Hardys have reunited and been in the chase for the TNA Tag Team Championships, but with the Tag Title Series coming to a close, could this be the perfect opportunity for the Charismatic Enigma to, once again, go after TNA's biggest prize?

    - James Storm: Another former World Champion, Storm's recent work includes building a self-proclaimed "revolution" which is backed by The Great Sanada and Manik. What could Storm's goal be in building this army of top tier TNA talent? We don't know... but it could be a great time for the Cowboy to use these men to ascend back to the top of TNA and challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship!

    - Eric Young: Showtime EY has experienced a meteoric rise to the top of TNA in 2014, even capturing his first World Championship this year. Later, he would become the target of MVP, Kenny King and Lashley. It seemed as if MVP would do whatever it took to destroy Eric Young's reign and, ultimately, did so when Lashley finally took the title from him. However, Eric Young has a "never say die" mentality and has continued to be a force. Could another shot at Lashley finally be in his grasp?

    - Chris Melendez: The newest superstar to join the ranks of TNA has already had infamous run-ins with Lashley's friends: MVP and Kenny King. In the face of adversity, Melendez didn't back down and, in fact, picked up the biggest win of his young career over Kenny King. Needless to say, he has the motive to go after Lashley and, despite being young into his wrestling career, he just may have the fire to earn a shot at The Destroyer.

    These are just a few of the options as every TNA Superstar thirsts for a shot at the World Title. Who will Kurt Angle choose as the challengers for this match? We find out tomorrow night at 9/8c on Spike TV, as IMPACT takes the airwaves.

    In the meantime, tell us who you think deserves a shot! Tweet us using #WorldTitleShot to join the conversation!


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