Who will Kaitlyn defend against at the rumble?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Discuss.

    Personally I'd say Tamina. It's too early in my mind to do Kaitlyn vs AJ which should be at Mania and I'd like to leave Paige on NXT for now so she doesn't get lost in the mania shuffle. Tamina is a strong, dominant looking heel diva and is what Kaitlyn needs in my opinion.
  2. Tamina would be the right person for her to defend it against as Tamina is one of my favorite Diva's as she's got power and the ability to wrestle. Due to this, this would defiantly make Kaitlyn's run mean a little much more and help her further as a face. After Elimination Chamber you can have AJ and Kaitlyn feud for WrestleMania.
  3. I think it will be either Tamina or Layla. She's had matches against Layla before so I don't think it would be a stretch. Since Tamina is also in a small storyline regarding Vicki I could see her getting involved.
  4. Yeah, Tamina sounds about right. AJ should wrestle for the belt at WM.
  5. I kinda want Natalya, but Tamina would be a good way to go. Since she's linked to AJ, facing Tamina for the championship would look good since that's a heel diva, she has that strong look, and she is the daughter of a legend. After that they could use Tamina to link Kaitlyn to AJ, then have a triple threat match at Elimination Chamber and have Kaitlyn pin Tamina and take her out of the equation, and then they can have AJ vs Kaitlyn for the Divas championship at Wrestlemania.
  6. Hmmm... I "smell" a royal battle on the preshow... Then ..1) tamina 2) nat screwing khali or 3) some jobber (aksana etc) then around EC , zigg , big E and april will break up and we will have april vs kaitlyn and then april winning the belt at WM , hugging out in the middle of the ring with a huge fan ovation , Ill mark so hard , the April will turn face and feud Nat or Paige
  7. Honestly doubt they put divas in preshow, as we would rip it apart AND they would have little/no views.

    Probably someone brought back, or randomly Layla.
  8. Well the only one who can actually wrestle is Nat but wwe seem to hate her.
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