Who will Kaitlyn's admirer be?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jun 10, 2013.

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Who will be Kaitlyn's admirer

Poll closed Jun 11, 2013.
  1. Hornswoggle

  2. Cody Rhodes

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  3. Bella Twin practical joke

  4. Vinny Mac

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  5. Mark ``Sexual Chocolate`` Henry

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  6. Santino

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  7. Sweet T

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  8. Other (explain your choice)

  1. I was bored so here's a poll
  2. Bryan as WWE look to boost the awful Divas and ruin him for another summer. Yes I'm that cynical.
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  3. Christian.
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  4. Would mark for Sweet T
  5. Would mark for Jonathan.
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  6. the godfather becuz he's big daddy based pimp
  7. Clearly. Who gives a fuck about Kaitlyn lmao
  8. Saw her pic on the RAW preview thread, for some reason I thought of my pole a poll. :ksi:

  9. While she is hotter than AJ, I still don't think she is all that. She's hit-or-miss, at best.
  10. At 8am, even average chicks with a decent pair of tits look pretty good. :true:
  11. I think it can't be Cody. I don't really care about Katilyn but I'd like to see it was The Bellas

  12. I have a shot! :yay:
  13. You always did :ksi:
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  14. It'll be the WWE App

  15. Holy shit, so help me if you're right........ :facepalm1:
  16. I'm going with Swogs. Every time they've had a mystery person recently, he's been the one. McMahons love child, anonymous GM, and soon to be Kaits admirer.
  17. inb4 Dolph Ziggler :cole:
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