Who will Punk drop the title too?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. And when do you think he will? Discuss.
  2. I'd like to see him drop it to Jericho but it's unlikely considering Jericho disappearing a bit this summer to tour with Fozzy before coming back around later August. Otherwise I think Lesnar or one of the members of Team Johnny. Maybe Tensai but that's a big maybe considering the debut he had and what looks like no real feud established for him yet.
  3. Jericho
    Rock at Summerslam
  4. Rock is of course. As Mr Ziggler pointed out, also a viable option. Must be going senile....:upset:
  5. The Rock or Jericho on Over the Limit PPV.
  6. The Rock hopful not but at SummerSlam!
  7. Summerslam most likely or No mercy?
  8. How many of you are going to die inside when he loses to Rocky?
  9. Sumerslam more than likely and I do see it being the Rock after the other night bout the title etc. Will be devastated or as Crayo puts it die inside as I can see it really harming Punk and just being a bad bad idea tbh.
  10. I'd honestly be fine with it if it happens, would be another feelgood moment tbh.
  11. Oh hell no Rocky best he no fuck suck :pity:
  12. Ziggler or Barrett sometime near Summerslam. Is it just me who'd love Wade vs Rock for the WWE title at WM? Those two could tear the house down with their promos.
  13. God, not on The Rock please. Anyone but not the Rock.

    And I think CM Punk should hold on to it after a little while. He should drop it after his feud with Jericho, or give it to Jericho all together. :emoji_grin:

  14. Either Brock or someone else who may themselves drop it to Brock (Cena possibly.)
  15. Fuck me I'd love it. I'd worry if I was a Rock mark though, Cena tore him a new one a few times and that was as a bland boring face, an intentional heel and someone like Barrett could really steal the show. But my god it'd be epic.
  16. I doubt he'll drop it to Jericho. I see him holding it till Summerslam where he loses it to Lesnar.
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