Who will replace Lawler on commentary?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Well regarding his state, it's obvious he won't be commentating for a very long time (and possibly ever again). Who will be replacing him then?

    I'm personally hoping for Regal, but I'm predicting either JR or Matthews.
  2. JR and Matthews are the most probable choices, even Striker is quite likely.

    Regal would be a good pick.

    I'd like to see Road Dogg jump in but that is truly a curvball.
  3. Hopefully Foley or JBL
  4. I want JBL.
  5. Again, JBL has six mountains he has promised to climb and he is currently prepping for climbing Kilimanjaro if he hasn't set off already.
  6. JBL would be heel and that doesn't work with Cole really.

    Cole + Regal would be awesome.

    Cole + Matthews is great though. Cole is a fantastic commentator so anything works.
  7. Honestly. Considering how much respect there has been thrown on Cole, both from the IWC, casuals and reportedly also from backstage after last night I can easily see him slip into a face role now.
  8. WWE wishes they had Taz back, surely.
    I second the above comment regarding Mick Foley.
  9. It'll be Matthews. :downer:
  10. I'm quite certain it'll be Mathews.
  11. I have no problem with Josh. Use Monday's show to start working Cole as a face pay by play commentator again and let Josh slowly slide into snide and snarky color commentator which we have seen traces off him doing on NXT and Superstars.
  12. I also like Mathews, but he normally gravitates between play-by-play and color all the time... what you suggested would be nice Stop.
  13. JR, Striker or Matthews.. All good for me.
  14. God no. Matthews works Cole's heel role absolutely perfectly, he's the perfect face to counter Cole.
  15. Maybe that's good, but how about SD? Striker and Cole?
  16. If its not JR, id rather have Cole just commentate by himself
  17. Please, dear God, let it be matthews. When lawler gets back, as spot and i talked about, move regal up, and lawler can stay close to home. NXT would still be awesome.
  18. Miz or JBL on commentary is a dream come true.
  19. I'll accept JBL, but miz is a young superstar who needs another few years in the ring before we want him anywhere near the mic.
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