Who will step up to plate on NXT post Wrestlemania?

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  1. As it looks now the NXT roster is pretty stacked with talent. Most people are thinking that call ups will happen after Wrestlemania (almost a guarantee) and with that most of the top talent on NXT will head to the main roster. Who on the NXT roster do you see as stepping up to the plate and taking more TV time then?

    To start us off, here's who I think will be called up:
    Kassius Ohno - One of the best in the business and on the roster. It would be silly not to call the knock out master up.
    Bray Wyatt (the family) - The former Husky Harris has blossomed in his new gimmick and I can see it going far. With him I see his "sons" Eric Rowan and Luke Harper either going directly with him or following after him to restock the tag division.
    Paige - The anti diva is needed on the main roster to help fill out the division.
    British Ambition (Neville & Grey) - A pretty well put together team. Neville is one of if not the best high flyer in the business today with the best finisher in the wwe currently. And Oliver Grey is a very well put together wrestler who is very fluid in the ring and does seem natural in front of a camera. Restocking the tag division.

    And here are who I think will step up to plate on NXT:
    Corey Graves - Also a possible call up but I think they would be wise in not calling up too many at the same time. Graves is over with the crowd, has a unique look and is a good talker. With some more work on his ring style I think he could be a decent mid card heel.
    Xavier Woods - Seemingly got more momentum now since he was part of the Rumble tournament. I could see him becoming a top NXT guy before being called up during the road to summerslam.
    Ric Victor - He is returning from injury soon (if he hasn't already) and I see a lot of promise in him. Good build and a good heel look. Good ring work (trained by Bret Hart and Lance Storm) and I liked his match with Seth on NXT.
    Leo Kruger - Like Graves a possible call up but also potentially left on NXT for the same reason. Needs some more polishing and could come up later in the summer.
    Sasha Banks - This girl has had a good start to her WWE career. Shows a lot of promise.
    Mem Montenegro - The brother of :adr: Apparently started out green as gooseshit but reports say he has stepped it up and is improving at an astonishing rate and that management is very happy with him. Could see him become a more integral part of NXT TV if he keeps this up.

    Who are your picks?
  2. Ohno, Wyatt, and Paige ASAP
  3. But who will step up on NXT in their place?
  4. Sorry, still early here not fully awake.

    For the men, I see Graves and Mem becoming the big players. WWE seem to be behind Graves, and Mem's pedigree (pun intended), puts him in the forefront.

    For the women, there seems to be only the one choice.
  5. Graves, Woods and Kruger sound about right.
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