Who will team with Mark Henry to take on the shield?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by wils172, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. After the random attack on Henry by the shield monday night, I think it's pretty obvious he will start a feud with them. Who do you think will team up with him to take them on?

    I'm guessing Sheamus even though he recently feuded with Henry...
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  3. I'd guess Usos. Don't think they're done with Shield, they don't really have anyone else to challenge for the belts anyway.
  4. Big Show and it'll be a handicap match. Two big guys vs Shield, it works out. But in a perfect world they'd throw Zack Ryder in there somewhere, but we all know that train has come and gone
  5. Big Show and Sheamus to form a super team,I don't want to see them coming on top but I have a feeling they will.
  6. I changed my mind, it makes more sense if the Usos were to join Henry because of what happened on Smackdown. I wouldn't mind Usos beating Shield for the tag team championships because they've deserved them for so long
  7. This weeks Smackdown or last weeks Smackdown? I haven't watched either yet.
  8. This week's.
  9. The Usos haven't finished with their revenge, probably The Usos and Mark Henry vs The Shield.
  10. Oops my bad, this weeks
  11. This weeks SmackDown pretty much gave it away. The Shield will most likely be competing against Mark Henry and The Usos.
  12. Shield vs Usos/Henry sounds pathetic lol.

    I guess we are supposed to forget about the Christian/Ambrose feud they were setting up as well? Oh, WWE. The more some things change, the more others stay the same.
  13. Ambrose vs. Christian was a lock for Summerslam apparently, but now that seems to be out of the picture.
    If they indeed go ahead with a 6-man tag match it will be Shield vs. Usos/Henry, winner takes it all?
  14. Mark Henry and Big Show seems plausible but what a boring match. Henry/Usos seems like a pretty weird pairing, too.

    I'm bummed that we're not getting the Ambrose/Christian feud that they already set in motion. It would be nice to see The Shield defend themselves as a team again though, but I'm not feeling either of these possible matches.
  15. I don't think Henry will team up with anyone to take on The Shield. I think he'll just defeat them in one on one matches
  16. No one. 1v3 those crackers.
  17. If it's Big Show, I swear to God... If they went over I'd be so mad.
  18. That probably would be boring anyway. Henry is on a roll right now and will bring attention to that feud.
  19. I'd be up for a Ambrose vs Henry singles match. Ambrose wild brawling style versus a power house like Henry could be a good mix if done right.
  20. Gonna be Show.
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