WrestleMania Who will undertaker fight @ WM 29

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Donald Trump_, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. Brock will be with rock, austin with punk. taker needs a new opponent now, which means no facing the same opponent 2-3 times @ WM. so no kane. OR will he even be on on the card?

    undertaker should probably face goldberg or if they build him up right, Ryback. Ryback would be like the rookie that thinks he can beat undertaker and challenges him. and if not WM 29 it would make a good match for another PPV.
  2. IT SHOULC BE UNDERTAKLER VS. BROCK! That hate 1 another in real life! This should be the match at WM29! And Undertaker should win! If not not that then it should The Rock for the WWE Champion! Undertaker and retire as WWE Champion!
  3. Naa, undertaker can still go for more WMs if he only competes at WM. He's been the mainevent at WM forever, so WWE wouldn't want him to retire as early as next year.
  4. he going to wrestler more then just WM!
  5. Undertaker and Brock are good friends in real life Randy...

    Undertaker isn't wrestling during the year, he's a WM only wrestler now. He'll probably wrestle Cena if the Rock v Cena rematch doesn't happen.
  6. I think he'll wrestle Cena at WM 30, they seem to be building it up to be historic or something. He could face Lesnar, Rock, and as said, Ryback. Ryback could steamroll through the entire roster throughout the whole year and then fight Taker at WM... that would be great. But if the streak is supposed to stay alive, just have him beat Lesnar.
  7. I also suspect they will be saving Cena/Taker for WM30. That leaves Brock as the most likely opponent. Don't forget they talked about possibly doing this match at WM27 (when the two of them had that confrontation at a UFC event.) So, they obviously wanna do the match and since Taker is a WM-only wrestler, it either happens at Wrestlemania or it doesn't happen at all.
  8. Sting. :otunga:


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