Royal Rumble Who will win the Royal Rumble match?

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  1. Batista

  2. CM Punk

  3. Daniel Bryan

  4. Roman Reigns

  5. Bray Wyatt

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  6. Cody Rhodes

  7. Sheamus

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  8. Big E Langston

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  9. Ryback

  1. Now we know Cena, Orton and Lesnar won't be involved, who is the favourite?
  2. I think it's too soon to decide. You can usually make a better prediction after the go home Raw or even the last Smackdown.
  3. Brock could still get involved. He said he wouldn't but that doesn't mean HHH won't make him because its best for business.
  4. My prediction: The last remaining guy in the ring will win.
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  6. Am I the only one who just doesn't see Batista winning? I think he has enough credibility to win the WWE Championship without the Royal Rumble.
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  7. I don't know if Batista will win, but talking about it makes me want to challenge The Streak with him again in WWE2K14. I still have not beat Taker in that mode. I've gotten really goddamn close.
  8. I feel that theyre going to give it to Daniel bryan. he was voted superstar of the year and usually royal rumble matches guarantees some kind of a title shot at wrestlemania, and whether randy or cena wins the wwe world heavyweight championship, the authority is going to give Daniel bryan that title shot.
  9. I'm thinking Daniel Bryan or CM Punk
  10. I`m gonna give it to Punk, because there is no Ziggy
  11. I think Reigns or Batista.
  12. It'll obviously gonna be either Batista, Punk or Bryan. If Lesnar is in the Rumble, he hasn't gotten a chance of winning. The only purpose I could see for him being in the match at all is if they have Undertaker make a (surprise) appearance and have Taker eliminate Lesnar (or just have them eliminate each other) as a way of jump starting their Wrestlemania match.

    Bryan can almost be scratched off, too. Bryan/Orton isn't happening for the upteenth time at Mania. The only match I could see Bryan winning the WWE Title match in is a triple threat with Cena and Orton but I suspect that Bryan will be added to the Rumble title match with those two in the coming weeks, so that match is out. Punk makes sense but a match with HHH is what they seem to be building towards unless they have Batista take on HHH instead in which case Punk can take the title off of Orton. But I don't see that happening either because if either Punk or Bryan reclaim the title at Mania, then I'd bet all money on Bryan considering it will have barely been over a year by the time WMXXX gets here since Punk didn't have the belt for over a year, whereas Bryan hasn't had an actual run with it yet. Scratching both of these guys off, that leaves only one man - Batista. All signs point to him winning IMO.
  13. The Main Event Player.....Brodus Clay.
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  14. Bump. I'm sure a few people who voted Bryan, like myself, would want to change their vote now we know Bryan/Wyatts is a long-term thing.

    It's between Batista and Punk.
  15. Had a think and I'm now certain Batista is winning it, which sucks. It's obvious that he will eliminate Del Rio, possibly last, as they've began that feud. Batista squashes Del Rio at Elimination Chamber to gain momentum. Meanwhile, Orton (C), Punk, Cena, Lesnar, Bryan, Sheamus, etc, are in the Chamber for the title. Two things happen there IMO - Orton either retains, or Lesnar picks up the belt. I imagine the winner of the Chamber match will pin Punk last, after interference from Hunter, who doesn't think Punk as face of the company is best for business, setting up their match at mania.
  16. I personally think it will be Punk. His stories have been stale and lame as of late and he needs to get back in the championship picture. Royal Rumble is his easy way in. But I would like to see Reigns win it as well. With this whole "Shield cracking" storyline that is going on I could see it happening and being the final straw that splits up the group. Hell, even if Reigns doesn't win but gets farther than the others, THAT could help cause the split and lead to a WM match between Shield members (which I would mark for).
  17. Wouldn't be surprised if Ryback won tbh. Right now he's trolling the ignoramuses who believe everything they read by making it look like he's leaving.

    If CM Punk wins then WWE must want to go out of business.

    My prediction for Batista is he eliminates Del Rio who later comes back in the ring and attacks Batista from behind & throws him over the top rope. They'll face each other in a match @ Elimination Chamber.
  18. i dont see them giving batista and shemus 2 wins or giving either any of the shield or wyatts a win. all though id love to see batista get the win
  19. Actually, I'd like to see Ziggler get the surprise victory out of nowhere. Not going to hold my breath though.
  20. I agree with most of your post. However, I still believe Bryan can win the rumble. If he does win, they can still continue a feud with Bryan and Bray leading into the Elimination Chamber match. After this fight the Wyatt's would branch off and attack someone else before Mania. Bryan winning can also lead the seemingly inevitable triple threat match at mania--orton, cena, and bryan. Going with this mindset, however, leaves one question open. What about Batista? Well, I see him main eventing Mania XXX. But he doesn't need to have the title to do it...or even be in the title picture. He could, perhaps, fight the Undertaker? Fight Brock Lesnar? Or even a triple threat (highly unlikely)?.....

    I can see this looking like the Mania card (remember, this is subject to change as the Rumble and Chamber can change it all):

    DB vs. Orton vs. Cena
    Batista vs. Brock vs. Undertaker (I wish)
    CM Punk vs. Triple H
    Cody Rhodes and goldust vs. the usos vs. Wyatt's

    Now obviously this can change....but I see the WWE going in a direction similar to this. Brock could end up just fighting Undertaker. Then again, he may fight Batista. You never really know.
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