Who Will You Play As First - WWE 2K15?

Discussion in 'WWE 2K17' started by Shortie861, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Seen as now we seem to have seen everyone who is on the roster for WWE 2K15 who do you, yourself feel you will play as first and who will you choose as your opponent and in what match?

    I myself am looking forward to using Sting as a character in 2K15 and with Sting well any opponent from any ere is a good choice for me however I think my first opponent for Sting on 2K15 would probably be The Undertaker. At least if we may not see it on TV I can still live it out on 2K15.
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  2. Zack butt fucking Ryder.
  3. Ambrose, or Breeze. Probably won't be getting it for a while though.
  4. This shit better get on PC somehow (like WWE '13 did). It's a bloody shame they don't make these for PC.
  5. Did they announce they will have Breeze,Neville,Zayn in the game? I missed that if so..

    obv I will be playing as Sandow first, although I will try out Harper.
  6. Hard to say, probably RVD or Bad News Barrett and if I'm feeling like it Damien Sandow.
  7. If I get it: Swagger
  8. Bo dallas
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  9. Career Mode with My CAW :woohoo:
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  10. When ever I get the new WWE games the first match I always play is one that took place at that years Wrestlemania. So probably Triple H vs Daniel Bryan
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  11. I want this freaking game but my PS3 broke
  12. Well, I was going to be be Sin Cara until I realized he wasn't in the game

    There should be a Sin Cara DLC
  13. Sami Zayn.
  14. Who else but Tyler Breeze
  15. I think it has something to do with the rights and contract the WWE had with Sin Cara before Hunico had to take over.
  16. If I get it soon probably Ziggler or Sandow, however the most basic Caws look amazing now so possibly a created one.
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