Money in the Bank Who wins the title if Bryan can't compete?

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  1. On RAW Stephanie announced that if Daniel Bryan is unable to defend his title against Kane in a stretcher match at the MITB PPV, there will be a multi-man ladder match to determine a new champion. Del Rio has already qualified, and Cena, Wyatt, Kane, Cesaro, RVD, Big Show, Rusev, etc, could be in it too, (assuming those involved in the Evolution/Shield angle work a separate match at the show and don't enter.)

    So who would be the next champion? It's not very obvious.
  2. I think they should give the belt to an established guy who can drop it back to Bryan at SummerSlam. I say Hunter.
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  3. Would 100% stop watching.
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  4. I have two choices/what I would like to see.

    I would like to see Triple H win the title at MITB if Bryan is indeed not able to compete. I think that it will increase the heat that he already receives and also spice up the on-going authority angle. Alternatively I would like to see Bray Wyatt win the title at MITB, I am a Wyatt mark to be fair and I see this as a way of adding to his momentum ...presuming the feud is over with Cena that is.
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  5. Before Payback I thought Wyatt was the ideal candidate to win a vacated title. Despite being defeated at the last PPV, he could still do it because he's only grabbing them, rather than pinning the current champ. Bryan chasing the Wyatt Family, ending at SummerSlam, would be great.

    Cesaro was going to win the briefcase, according to dirtsheets. Cesaro (c) vs Bryan would be great but I'm not sure he's ready and he's losing momentum at the moment.
  6. I agree, I think if it ended at Summerslam that could be a perfect way to end their feud that started before Survivor Series if I remember correctly. By the way is it still the plan for Bryan/Lesnar at Summerslam? I haven't read too many updates as I've been out of the loop a little lately.

    The thing is about a Cesaro MITB win is that it would need to be for the briefcase not for the title's. Too soon to be champion but not too soon to hold a suitcase for several months. In my perfect world Bryan faces Lesnar at HIAC and wins...only for Cesaro to cash-in and drop him with a filthy Neutralizer. There are some intriguing options available.
  7. Last I saw was Lesnar vs Cesaro for SummerSlam, which is a waste of Lesnar imo who should be in the title match. Agree it's too soon for Cesaro to win the title as has struggled with Heyman.
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  8. Ryback!!!!!! :happy:
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  9. The plan was for Cesaro to win the MITB briefcase and Bryan to defend against Kane... according to a report I read they put 2 options out there on Monday because the WWE spoke with doctors on Sunday about Bryan's neck and it wasn't as good as previously thought. So, if the title will be decided in the ladder match there is really no telling what they might do... I would not mind seeing Cesaro as champ
  10. Sin Cara, but seriously Cesaro.
  11. Bork Laser
  12. While I feel it's way too early for Cesaro to be holding the championship, it would make for a nice shocker since no one would plausibly be expecting him to win it. And a Cesaro/Bryan rivalry could be used to splinter off into two separate rivalries, first a Bryan/Lesnar feud and then a Cesaro/Lesnar one. Say Cesaro wins the championship at Money In The Bank, defends it successfully against someone at Battleground (would it be too much to pull out a dirty or fluke-like victory over John Cena? It probably would...), pulls out a victory over Daniel Bryan at Summerslam (dirty or otherwise) but then loses it to Bryan at Night Of Champions and fails to win it back from him inside the cell in October. This means three Bryan/Cesaro matches in a row on PPV, but considering the match quality we'd get out of those two combined with Paul Heyman's mic work to help carry the feud, who would mind?

    This leads to Paul Heyman calling upon Brock Lesnar to take the championship instead at Survivor Series, and due to Cesaro still having beef with Bryan, he interferes in the match and accidentally gets Lesnar disqualified and thus costs him the title in the process. This instigates a rivalry between Cesaro and Lesnar that is built up till Wrestlemania, as well as a face turn for Cesaro before that time.

    Other than Cesaro, I vote Bray Wyatt, for the obvious reasons that have already been mentioned.
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  13. Once again... you, sir, are a fucking genius.
  14. John Cena will reign again, and it will be amazing.
  15. @Solidus @Solid Snake This pertains to MITB... if one of you want to move it over so that that section has a thread in it. =)
  16. I know everyone loves Bryan but the title being up for grab for the MITB ladder match is way more intriguing to me then a rematch with the dinosaur Kane.

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  17. This bros and gals(lol jk there's no such thing as women wrestling fans). John Cena will fight through thick and power, and after he kicks me in the balls he'll fight for the WWE championship. Oh it's real, it's damn real!!
  18. lol You don't know any women who like wrestling? Haha you're one of those, huh?
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