WWE Network Special Other Who wins World Cup?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Oct 31, 2018.

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  1. Alright fellas (and ladies) who is winning the 1st ever World Cup?

    My money is on Mysterio

  2. Rey or Seth I would imagine.
  3. It's not really qualified to be 'best in the world' if they aren't using anyone from outside of the company so its redundant to say "best in the world" when its only inside the company. WWE is so lazy with the writing that they won't do anything fun they just wanna show they can be lazy and use their own to say it... we all know who the real best in the world is...

    ....he wanted ice cream bars... oh oh and his 'movie' went straight to dvd like the rest LOL
  4. I have all my money on Seth Rollins. With Roman gone, Raw needs a top guy, an Seth is the most qualified to do so. I know they probably won't do anything, but Best in the World is a damn good reason to push him
  5. Looking at the brackets, I think has to be either Rey or Seth.
  6. Love how the title of the thread does not include the word 'the'
  7. 8 men, one world cup :dawg:
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  8. Most likely a European nation tbh
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  9. Germany then.
  10. The world cup is like 4 year away so I would say this thread is waaaay too early
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  11. Oh...well...

    I kind of meant it as a joke because I'm
    SKIPPING!!! this event anyway. I decided
    to reference soccer even though I don't
    even watch it.

    I only watch two sports...

    WWE...and women's beach volleyball.


    Hey I know...instead of the Mixed Match challenge...
    lets have the ladies of the WWE compete in a 2 on 2
    beach volleyball tournament! I'm a genius!

    Just imagine those ratings!
  12. Yeah I was playing along with the joke.

    That is something that would happen on Total Divas
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  13. Right.


    You know...I think they did have a beach
    volleyball game on one of the episodes
    I watched.



    Any excuse to see Charlotte in "tiny tinys"
    I guess.