Who would be champion?

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  1. If you had it your way, who would be the WHC right now and who would he be feuding with?
  2. Ziggler and he would be feuding with Jericho, it's going on right now but i'd just strap the belt round Ziggler's waist and carry it on.
  3. Jericho.. feuding with ziggler
  4. I'd have Jericho going toe to toe with Orton.
  5. I'm expecting shit load of DZ love in here, I personally would have Bryan as the aggressive tweener / leaning more heelish facing off against a face Jericho. Bryan would have injured Sheamus on Smackdown to take the belt via submission in the Lebelle Lock. The final match would be an iron man match at SVS, the scores would be tied at 3-3 with 1 minute left, Jericho traps a bloodied Bryan in the lion tamer, he holds it but Bryan refuses to tap, since it's a draw he keeps the belt. Refs try to check on him but he pushes them away, both men are sitting in opposite corners. Bryan walks to the center as does Jericho they look as though they'll fight until Jericho raises his hand and walks away, Bryan is practically collapsing due to exhaustion, DZ who beat Orton clean earlier in the night for the 2nd time runs out, knocking Jericho out from behind before cashing in and beating Bryan. This leads to Jericho / Bryan / Ziggler in a ladder match at TLC, DZ retains.
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  6. Maybe fling Bryan in there so he has something to do?
  7. Rhodes would be defending against a face Bryan.
    Awesome post, Seabs!
  8. Fappy Dappy Quack Quack. :booker:
  9. Cody Rhodes as Champion VS Randy Orton.


    Actually Cody VS Jericho.
  10. :yes: This is perfect.
  11. A face badass Bryan would be feuding with Ziggler, I think.
  12. Ryback

  13. Interesting choice, how would you do it?
  14. After reading this, I became sexually aroused.

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