Who Would Get The Biggest Pop?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Kooldip, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. As it stands right now, who do you guys feel would get the loudest pop for either a return or debut?

    I honestly think, if Kurt Angle is brought back as a surprise on a random episode of RAW a la Brock, I think he would get the biggest pop imaginable. It's been a long time since we've had him around, he abruptly left in 2006 and we weren't treated to a final match or anything.

    Sting is the other one that would obviously get a massive reaction, that one is self explanatory.
  2. Hulk Hogan.
  3. You suck chant v yes chant which one wins?
  4. You Suck just because Kurt is a returning legend.
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  5. They wouldn't care so much about Angle, and if they did sign him he would need at least half a year and a couple surgeries. I still cant get over the fact he did a moonsault from the top of a cage like that. Angle fixed would be huge, but he would just be RVD if he was waiting to break his neck or paralyze himself.

    Hogan will get the pop of pops, Scott Hall would get a pretty damn big pop, especially with the DDP yoga story after the doc they did, and it wouldnt be anything compared to Hogan but he would get a huge pop.
  6. Stone cold steve austin? I know I would if it was completely out of the blue

    Maybe Goldberg if he came out when ryback is in the ring and goldberg came out and destroyed him with a spear
  7. Austins would be huge if that glass smashed at WM.
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  8. I would go with Macho Man......
  9. Probably depends on the city. If Hulk returned somewhere in the Northeast brother you can bet your ass he would outpop anybody walking the face of this earth jack.
  10. SCSA is the king of the pop, so prolly him. A lot of people feel indifferent about Hulk Hogan, and while I do think he would receive a massive pop, SCSA would have a much better pop given that SCSA's returns nowadays are out of the blue
  11. SCSA has popped up a few times over the years since he retired and not really gotten crazy pops...
  12. idk, I don't think feel like Hogan would be any better. We will find out.
  13. He probably would... but the pop would be the sound of the crowd screaming and running out of the arena because the zombie apocalypse had begun.
  14. Still the loudest
  15. Anyway, I stand by my "depends on where they are" theory.

    Somewhere in the South "WCW territory" Sting would get a massive reception. Go to Texas and SCSA or HBK are king. In MSG Hogan or Shane McMahon would bring the roof off. In Pennsylvania Angle would tear the place down.

    Overall though I think Hulk is the safest bet.
  16. I was quite shocked at the complete lack of reaction for him when he came out at Wrestlemania 23. I mean, he did get big pops for giving Donald Trump the stunner later on (as you'd expect), but I haven't heard a place that silent for Stone Cold (in a stadium much less) since mid-late 1996 when he was a heel. I think he'd get a huge reaction if he came back today just because it's been so long since he's been on WWE television (I think June of 2011 was the last time he was on Raw) but I wouldn't be shocked if he didn't get the biggest pop out of anyone (especially being that his heyday of 1998/1999 is long gone.)
  17. I feel like SCSA has been humanized a little bit, but Hogan still feels larger than life.
  18. It's not about "who" returns as much as "how". Bring someone we love back from out of the blue without us knowing or predicting it first. Like the random return of the Rock

  19. so epic.

    edit: Damn, I hadn't even seen your part about The Rock edited in when I tried posting this :obama:
  20. Although to be fair if they had told everyone Rock was coming the crowd reaction likely would have been just as crazy. Imagine the chants of "Rocky! Rocky!" before his theme hit if the crowd had known he was coming. Would have been just as nuts but in a different way.

    The surprise factor was epic though. I was hoping for Rock, but not really expecting him.
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