Who Would You Be?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Y2J Enigma, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. If you could step into any current WWE Raw Supershow superstars shoes, who would it be? For me, it would come down to three superstars. ( Btw, when I say Raw Supershow, I mean Raw characters, and Smackdown ones that actually go on Raw. No Ryback guys! :otunga: )

    The Miz - Well, first of all, The Miz is still very young, which means I would get to wrestle for a longer time than I would with Big Show, let's say. Also, he wouldn't face any back pains, leg pains, etc. until the later years, which is a big bonus. Also, he hasn't been in a big picture for the WWE title for a while. Most people would say, "Well why is that a good thing?" Well, it means he is getting rested and practically watching shows that he loves for free, and he gets paid while doing so. How can you not love that life? Well, that would be one of my choices of the Superstars on the Raw Supershow.

    Kofi Kingston - For starters, he is currently in a tag team fighting with R-Truth. So he won't fight as much as he would if he was in the singles competitions. I also love his character, so I would love to play it. He, along with The Miz, is young, too. He has an exciting moveset, so I would be having fun in my matches. And finally, it seems like he is always int he talk for the Intercontinental/US title so I would like to have gold around my waist every once in a while... And those are things that would lure me into becoming Mr. Boom...

    Chris Jericho - Who wouldn't of guessed it? I am sure many people would like to become their favorite superstar, every once in a while. He has a great character, as well as the other two I spoke about. He has a nice entrance. Not a boring moveset, and I sure would like to put some people in the Walls of Jericho and hold it even after they tap out. Has also has a band, so I would have a nice life after the WWE. There are so many positives to becomeing the best in the world at what you do, it isn't even funny. It would so great to become Y2J.... So that is it for the reasons as to why I'd like to be Jericho.. If I think of any later, I will add them after editing my post.

    So, would you guys like to become one of those three that I spoke of? Your favorite wrestler? Someone else? Or what about none of them at all? (:jeritroll:) Please also state your reasons like I did for every choice you make.
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  2. Alex Riley!!!! cause everyone love him and cheer for him even though he's barely ever on Raw!!! :emoji_grin: Also he very handsome :gusta: and he definitely gonna be champion someday!!!
  3. The Miz - Because he's Awesome :emoji_wink:
  4. Punk or Bryan as they get to pull AJ like every week.
  5. Riley most probably. Barrett comes close as does Miz. But Riley is the full package and can see him being a big big guy in a few years.
  6. Ryback is on Raw sometimes. Not that I was going to pick him, but just to let you know.

    Can I pick HHH? I'd like to pretty much own that joint. :haha:
  7. Tyson Kidd
  8. Sorry, I tend to not notice big talentless freaks. :haha:
  9. You dissing on Ryback or H? If H we're cool. If Ryback shame on you.

    I'd be Ziggler I think.
  10. I am not dissing anyone, where'd you get that from? :haha:
  11. I'll deffo be AJ. (I'm a girl, goddammit! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P) I really want to kiss Punk and Bryan! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:PPPPPPPP
  12. Dolph Ziggler because he, just like me, is perfection. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:erfect:
    But also maybe Riley because he WILL be big someday (hopefully)
  13. AJ, David Otunga, Micheal Cole, DDP, or Heath Slatter are ones I want.
  14. The Real Next Big Thing.

    Cody Rhodes.
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  15. Ziggler, Riley and Zack Ryder..

    Why? Because I like them.. :gusta:
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