WrestleMania Who would you choose to break the streak?

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  1. If you get to choose who would end the Undertaker's WM streak, who would it be?
    And don't say "I would keep him undefeated" because most of us don't want it to be broken anyway but this thread is about who do you think is the most suitable from the current WWE roster to end it.

    I would with Dean Ambrose, only if he is build enough and ready for it.
    He is a young great talented heel, he is without a doubt the future of the WWE.

    I'm interested to see your opinions.

  2. I'd say Kane, but his character has been shit for years now. Idk. I guess Ambrose since he's going to be a heel most of his career, good way to get him a lot of heat and over at the same time.
  3. If Steen's knees weren't so shot I'd invest in him heavily with the streak with a strong 2 year run in the company as it's wrecking ball if we're going fantistical. On the WWE roster there isn't anyone IMO, Ambrose lacks that huge star feel required. He'll be a great heel but he'd need to be the heel to justify it and I don't see him or anyone reaching that pedastal in the company.
  4. I wouldn't go with Kane tbh, his career is as good as over and him ending the streak won't benefit anyone.
    If they do indeed decide to end it, they must use it to put a young talent over.
  5. He may not be "the heel" now, which is why I said that he must be built strongly if he is to do it, but he is definitely on the top of my list.
    Perhaps Daniel Bryan would be another choice. :hmm:
  6. Daniel Bryan is too much of a babyface (tweener at best) to be the one to end Taker's streak.
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  7. He'll never be the heel IMO, he doesn't have the big feel a HHH for example showed in abundance in 98/99 before he exploded into the role. He's not got that wow this guy is for real kind of aura to him, some guys do and most don't. I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade but I don't see anyone from the roster doing it no matter what the build is, it'd take a hugely special talent. Wade could have been an option before the butchered him to pieces from late 2010 onwards.
  8. You have a point there tbh. :otunga:
  9. Ambrose has got that "something" in him that no one has lol, which is more than enough for me.
    He is interesting, entertaining, awesome, talented and young, so who cares if he is not the best heel ever?
  10. Im gonna give four answers:

    1)Storyline wise :Kane
    2)Young talent: Bryan
    3)Young talent: Ambrose
    4)Awesomeness : Ziggler Long shot:phew:
  11. RANDY!!!! :otunga:
  12. 2 & 3 are the same. :hmm:

    OH HELL NO! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:IPEBOMB:
  13. GIVE ME A HELL YEAH! :pipebomb:
  14. No one gives a hell yea for Randy Orton ending the streak. :nope:
  15. I'm going with Seth. I don't fancy Ambrose that much, sorry I failed the expectation of the interwebz. :(( I agree, the streak should be used to skyrocket talent, so established names should be out of the question.

    But personally, I want Undertaker to retire with his streak. It'll solidify his legacy.
  18. GO SCARLETTE!!! :otunga:
  19. I won't say Dean Ambrose because regardless of the potential, I need to see how he is pushed on his own separate from The Shield before I start to make predictions about how big of a star he'll be. Even then, I'm not sure. I don't know if he has special "oomph" to really be given the streak.

    Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan are huge no nos. As is Kane, since he's lost twice and isn't even a monster gimmick anymore. Taker offered him the streak back at WM20 (no idea why) and he declined.

    Roman Reigns? He's a big guy and the one guy more than anyone that WWE are banking on becoming a huge star in the future. I could see it.
  20. I would only be okay with Punk or Ambrose.
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