Who Would You Cut?

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  1. If you were given the responsibility to layoff workers who would you cut?
  2. I've made a thread just like this one before, but I won't be a d*** about it.
    I'd get rid of Del Rio for starters. He's a good hand, but there are plenty others just as good who are younger offer far more.
    Alicia Fox is a useless bum.
    I'm sick of Vince McMahon.
    The Uso's blow, but that's because I personally hate them.
    Big E is useless and Xavier Woods is slowly piling on go away heat
    If Swagger's face turn fails I'd cut his a**.
    Not a fan of Fandango, but that's only because they've booked him like a pu**y. If his booking changed, I'd dig it.

    I'd actually cut a lot more people out of the sheer displeasure I have for this kid-friendly bullsh**.
  3. Leaning toward Nattie Neidhart.
    That's another marriage WWE would destroy.
  4. - Big E
    - Darren Young
    - Justin Gabriel
    - Kofi Kingston
    - R-Truth
    - Santino Marella
    - Titus O'Neil
    - Tyson Kidd
    - Xavier Woods

    Wouldn't mind if any of them were released.
  5. Great Fruggin Khali
  6. I'm amused by your list being in alphabetical order for some reason.
  7. Why are the majority black :harvey:
  8. They only speak one language, are boring and uni dimensional.
    I like Kofi, though. WWE refused to build him up.
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  9. :silva:
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  10. Daniel Bryan,
    The Bella Twins
    Great Khali
    Darren Young (although I'll wait til after this new longer hair look they're talking about to make that decision)
    Summer Rae
    Justin Gabriel
  11. All of the divas, women's wrestling can be pretty fantastic but if you're not going to treat them as much more than filler for 95 percent of the time what's the point (yep I know one of the Bella's is getting a ME segment on Raw but we all know it won't last) keep some as PR people sure but don't waste any TV time on them if you won't use them properly.

    Riley should be cut and forced into an environment where he's forced to learn how to work, the guy has the look, the charisma and is a fantastic speaker yet he botches DDTs repeatedly the last time he was given screen time. There's a correlation between the loss of love from the E and his solo ring time.

    The rest can be the generic jobber list everyone has.
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  12. I would cut The Miz in many, many pieces.
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  13. It's nearly impossible to be a bad wrestler if you force yourself to improve. There is no set style.
    Unless you are just generally immobile, there's always hope to become better.
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  14. Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn... the 2 major reasons for the shitty product of today.

    as far as wrestlers... Great Khali tops my list..

    Great Khali
    Justin Gabriel
    Curtis Axel
    Rosa Mendes
    Alicia Fox
    Diego and Fernando
    Heath Slater
    Titus O'Neil
    Darren Young
    David Otunga
  15. Justin Gabriel could be so much more entertaining if he was used right...
  16. True. The same could be said for Daniel Bryan.
  17. -Jerry 'The Boring & Useless Piece of Shit' Lawler
    -Michael Cole - Yeah, I wouldn't mind that
    -Titus O' Neal
    -Mark Henry
    -Xavier Woods
    -Darren Young
    -Alex Riley
    -El Matadores & Torito
    -Zack Ryder
  18. I'ma do a lil dance when they finally release Khali
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