Who would you debut on Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. Post WM?

    Are there any of the NXT talents you'd introduce?

    If so how would you book them?
  2. Ohno for sure. I'd have him take out an established face, perfect scenario would be Jericho. The promos and matches would be incredible.
  3. Bray Wyatt, Paige and Chris Hero are on the top of my list.
    HHH is revealed as the leader of the Shield and wants to take control of the WWE, so he starts the invasion..
  4. PAC should be called up IMO. There's not really a reason to be stuck in developmental, his style doesn't really need adjusting all that much from what I can see and he's already impressing and getting over in NXT.

    Oh and from the little Divas action I see, I do like that Paige, no idea what her ring ability is like but she at least has a bit of personality.

    Edit: Shit, of course, Wyatt as well. How the hell could I forget him.
  5. Paige
  6. Finish up the Dallas/Barrett feud, even though they've completely screwed up the storyline they can still throw the strap on Dallas to kinda get him over as an underdog character. After a while he acts like he's hearing voices (the commentary puts this over), and eventually he finds some random items laying around... some wood, a leg to a rocking chair, banjos, and this entire go-nowhere angle is paid off by Bray Wyatt eventually debuting and talking about how Bo used to be a member of his family, and while you can take the man away from the family, you can't take the family away from the man. Bo, after several title defenses, gives the title away to Bray and rejoins the family as a mindless cult follower who never talks...

    Actually, don't do that, that was fucking awful. Way too Winter/Angelina. :russo:

    Paige: Have Kaitlyn run through all the Divas' on the main roster (except maybe Nattie), let her show some fun-loving personality so she'd actually get over, and let Paige win the belt after an open challenge. Keep the aggressive badass anti-diva character around, debut her heel.

    Don't debut Ohno until they actually get a good character for the guy.

    Neville's gotta be called up as well, doesn't matter how just get him on Raw
  7. Wyatt. Have him arrive, we need someone fucking crazy in the midcard. It brings some interest and spotlight back. Neville too as I would have a return of the cruiserweight (lots of competitors for it in WWE now), and perhaps Ohno to maybe join The Shield if they continue post WM and have more interesting developments in the future. Ohno is a tough one, because he is the most talented one there imo, and I wouldn't want him ruined.
  8. Paige to come and beat the shit out of aj
  9. Paige and Wyatt, if they come up with something good for Ohno him too. And Neville.
  10. Men:
    Wyatt (Bring along the family, he needs them for his gimmick in my opinion and it wouldn't hurt the tag division)
    Ohno (Find a character for the guy)
    Neville and Grey (Tag division needs them, if only Neville then use him for the US title scene.)

    Paige (Next big face in the divas division)
    Summer Rae (Every face needs a good heel. Summer is a good Diva heel).
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