Who would you draft in/out of SmackDown?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. WWE draft isn't too far away, who would you draft in and out of SmackDown?



    Out (to RAW):

  2. In
    Punk - Top face
    Miz- Top heel
    Riley - midcard heel / IC champ

    Rhodes - drop the belt feud for the WWE title at some point
    Wade - Top heel
    Orton - replace punk
  3. You'd replace Punk with Orton on RAW? #Shocked
  4. Yeah Punk needs to be the face of a brand for a bit to see if he can handle it. Even if Cena turns he'll still be the face of Raw.
  5. Punk sort of is now though. As soon as you're WWE Champion without it being a small transitional reign as a face you're pretty much the man. Being on SmackDown means less of a push, less big story-lines (unfortunately) and less relevance. On RAW he's the guy at the moment kayfabe wise.
  6. True but it's all going be about Cena, if he turns heel he'll go on a dominant run if he simply goes more aggressive he'll go on this run to cement that. Punk needs a year of ending every show and I can't see him getting that tbh on Raw. If he's on Smackdown the brand could be built around him, like Batista in 2006 when Cena came over to Raw.
  7. I see your point don't get me wrong. Punk has said though that him and Cena will be feuding again eventually, so maybe Cena powers through RAW as the heel or aggressive persona, and eventually runs into Punk who ends it? They seem serious about Punk being the man, his merchandise sales prove that. He won't get near the amounts of sales or help being on SmackDown, on a taped show that will never ME a PPV without Taker.

    I just don't see Punk getting moved due to the money he's making, he makes a ton more than Orton but a bit less than Cena. I'd love Punk to carry the brand but I think he's sort of done that recently on RAW anyway.
  8. The problem with him feuding with Cena will be it could become dull so quickly, due to it happening on off 3 times in the past year alone. Admittedly they were short feuds but still I'd rather they built it up by separating them abit. I'm not sure on the merch sales being such an indicator tbh after all Batista and Hardy were also big sellers and they were moved over. Punk could main event similar to Hardy Punk at NOC and I think SS.
  9. U wouldnt even know how many times i thank god, even though i dont believe in god, that you arent controlling wwe.
    This is another example of your ridiculous suggestions.

    Smakcdown = a show in desperate need of starts.
    RAW = A show with too many heels, needs more faces.

    Crayos suggestion = add more midcarders to smackdown. Two of the biggest stars they have, draft to RAW. Fill RAW up with 2 more heels from smackdown.

    Pathetic totally.
  10. Post your suggestion @[JeebaK]

    @[Xanth] That was actually full of win.

    From Xanth: I thought it was mean, so I junked it.
  11. I... actually agree... with Jeebak?

  12. Tell me what credible heels RAW has at the moment except Jericho? Thanks, 1-0 Crayo yet again.

    The reason I moved Miz and Riley to SmackDown is both of those have the mic ability to replace Barrett and Rhodes, and it'd give the faces more feuds. SmackDown has big faces like Sheamus, Orton and Big Show. They need some credible heels. Miz, Riley (has the potential) and Bryan can do that.
  13. lol @ 'credible' heels. WWE doesn't make those anymore. Jericho is credible by default of being Jericho
  14. Rhodes and Barrett are credible heels in my opinion. So because there are no credible heels you disagree with my suggestion? Sure, let's just put all faces on RAW and turn all heels on SmackDown face?

    Jesus. Post something constructive, what part of my suggestion of the drafts is seen as a terribly bad move? The whole point of drafts is to create new feuds and establish new stars & boost shows.

  15. Im not going to make a superstar by superstar suggestion.
    But i will say Draft Christian to Smackdown.
    Get some midcard faces from smackdown to RAW, Raw is in need of good faces, some midcard faces who wouldnt get a chance at smackdown upper mid card or main event because of likes of randy, sheamus, big show etc, they will get a bigger push at raw feuding with the top draw heels there.
    Move some of the guys at raw they dont know what to use for to smackdown, to team up for tag team matches, like R truth, Kingston, Christian etc.

    Thats all im going to suggest.
    And maybe exchange a heel for a heel, by exchanging like Barett with a heel from RAW, Orton vs Barett is getting boring, Barett can start great feuds with CM Punk if jericho leaves.
  16. Seabs suggestions are much more in line with what needs to be done. Barrett and Rhodes are no more credible than ADR, Ziggler, or any of the other heels are are dismissing that are currently on Raw; you just like WB and Rhodes more
  17. This is what confuses me about you. 90% of the time you'll flame but you're capable of making really good posts like this one.
  18. Rhodes went over Mysterio, Booker T, eliminated the most competitors in the Rumble and had a good push from his small feud with Orton. Barrett has put Orton out twice, had a winning streak for a credible amount of time and hasn't been buried yet.

    Thanks, again.
  19. Miz (though i dislike him), Del Rio, Henry, Ziggler, Jericho, Kane, Swagger (although he isnt credible, he still is the US Champion)
  20. You really want me to post all of ADR's accomplishments? They certainly dwarf Barrett's and Rhodes

    "thanks again" when did you become an unbearable tool? or are your panties just extra bunched up today
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