Who would you feed to Wyatt?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 29, 2013.

  1. The eater of worlds is coming to RAW with his family, so which face should get fed to him?
  2. Not fed to him per say but I'd want his first feud to be with Bryan. It's pretty simple to do you have Bray manipulating Bryan's fragile psychy to tempt him into the family before Bryan refutes.
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  3. The Job Squad.

    Hornswoggle (lol)

  4. I agree. They should build themselves up from jobbers, but they're first REAL feud I'd like to see is Shield. If the whole Wyatt Family is coming, it'd be 3-on-3. I can see a lot of other great feuds Wyatt can be in though.

    I agree with Seabs, Wyatt and Bryan would be great. Wyatt and Jericho could be really good too. I can see Wyatt attempting to break Jericho down (no pun intended... well, maybe a little).
  5. I don't want him to be fed anyone in the traditional sense of squashes. An impact tends to be bigger if you enter directly into a program instead of going through the motions of squashing nobodies. A guy who beats nobodies is still a nobody himself no matter how dominant until he enters a full fledged program. The thing that helped the Shield stay dominant is that they entered directly into the fray. The first guy they took out was Ryback.
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  6. Could be Jericho. Given that Wyatt will debut after Payback and Punk/Jericho will just be used to set up another angle/a swerve (bottom line is the feud ends at Payback) he'll be free, so it's a possibility.
  7. I'd like to see Bray defeating Khali LOL
  8. A mic war between Damien and Wyatt would be certainly entertaining
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  9. Eh, I don't want to see Wyatt be the next Ryback and destroy everyone for months, but for an opening feud, him vs Kofi or Jericho would be good. Someone in the mid card.
  10. another eating catchphrase?
  11. It's not really a catch phrase, it's more of a moniker. I doubt it'll be used too much on Raw, plus this guy has talent.
  12. While I'm normally against squash matches, I think for Bray they would be fine, at least for about a month or so. It will give him more time to introduce his gimmick to the WWE audience with mic time and vignettes before he eventually moves on to formidable opponents who he can have longer matches and interesting feuds with.
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  13. I wouldn't feed him anything, the dude needs to lose some weight.

    Anyway, I agree with Jon. Have him squash the job squad for a bit.
  14. How would you guys debut him then? Just a traditional sneak attack? Or build up for a few weeks and advertise his appearance in a structural manner? Or maybe something else?

  15. I'd do another week or two of the vignettes to build him up to the audience and then maybe have him start creeping around on Raw. Backstage people see him and are like 'wtf'. He comes down the ramp during random matches but doesn't do or say anything. Continue building up this aura of man, what a creep.

    I can't think of a really impactful way to debut him, so I would just have him be the creepy guy sort of lurking shadows and people start to take note. Eventually the backstage sightings can lead to conflict, an attack and his first match.
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  16. I actually love that idea. His family will be with him though, so they would need to be played a bit different than that, as there would need to be the three of them in the scene. Bray thrives in backstage segments though; his NXT ones are golden. I'm hoping for quite a few interactions with him and the likes of Jericho, etc.
  17. I'd go a similar way to how Dolph's would debut him, but work in the family. I'd actually start it off with just Harper and Rowan showing up backstage at first. Not saying a word, just standing there looking at people and leaving written messages from their "father". This leads to someone confronting them, asking what they are doing there but they just walk away, this is mixed with vignettes. Next week Bray debuts and cuts a promo in the ring as Harper and Rowan drag the beaten form of whoever confronted them the week before out to the ring.I believe that could work. Build up Wyatt's mystique. An interesting way to use Harper and Rowan and a chance to give it time for a spot in a high profile angle to open up for Bray.

    At the moment we are lacking in big name faces for Wyatt himself to face sadly. So I would keep him in a managerial role to start with. Have mid card wrestlers step up to/confront Wyatt but having Harper stand in between. Let Harper do the ring work until someone high profile enough opens up for Wyatt to work with.
  18. Well it's obvious that it's going to be Ryder for the job, but if they wanted to make Wyatt established they should feed him Khali. Khali can't wrestle, but because of his appearance it makes Wyatt like he did some big damage. Also it gives Wyatt a chance to use the other members of his "family" to establish that they are a force together and not just looking out for one individual as if they were his managers.