Who would you have Punk feud with after Wrestlemania?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. None of us know for sure what Punk is doing at Wrestlemania yet. It could be a WWE title match, it could be an Undertaker match, or something completely different, but how would you book him after the biggest PPV of the year? He has had an incredible year and his heel work has topped it in my opinion, but who is there left for him to go and feud with after WM?

    I have seen some people go and suggest Brock Lesnar, but that would mean a face turn which I'm so against. Without the title I don't see Punk winning many RAW or PPV matches, so will WWE just make him a losing coward heel instead of a clever/lucky winning coward heel?

    Either way, I'm interested in some ideas.
  2. A feud with Miz, sign Flair up and let those two go loose with Heyman and Punk. Hate away nubs.
  3. Perhaps a good idea would be to give him a couple of weeks off. Let him disappear and they can build up suspense around not seeing him since wrestlemania. And he returns attacking face X and goes on an aggressive run. Not psycho but out to prove that he is still a top contender of sorts. The weeks off could help build suspense around what is next for Punk and would give the writers some extra time to come up with something.
  4. I've thinked a lot of times about this , and I cannot imagine pubk without the title or in afeud against taker... It just seems to be in the limbo LOL maybe ... Another geud with jeff if he comes back or brock .... The shield might be another storyline .. But if cena wins the title then .. I can see at least another 2/3.months of cena/punk
  5. I'm hating :tough:

    Miz and Flair at this moment in time are absolutely nowhere near Punk and Heyman. The latter two are probably the best shooters in wrestling atm and I'm doubtful Flair could hang with them - Miz just flat out sucks atm. He's lost all confidence IMO.
  6. If Cena defeats The Rock for the WWE Title (the most logical assumption), then I'd do one last Punk/Cena match at Extreme Rules. They never have had their big decisive match to properly end their feud (Hell In A Cell would have been perfect for that, but we all know what happened there) and their feud kinda just ended last year when the Punk/Ryback thing started. Punk could win a #1 contender's match (battle royal, maybe) and then challenge Cena for the belt. The selling point of the feud (does it need one?) could be that Cena has never beaten Punk and Punk could use this to play mind games with Cena and make him doubt himself. Cena finally getting a victory over Punk would be a great way to get his title reign started.

    IF Punk goes face/tweener (a possibility I could see occurring given that I don't think the Punk/Heyman relationship will last too long after Wrestlemania), then he could face Brock Lesnar, but that's dependent on Punk turning face and Brock signing another contract. Don't want to type up the logic behind it because I've already done so in the other thread about Punk turning baby face after Wrestlemania.
  7. So YOUR IDEA is to give Punk filler segments so the writing team have time to write it? How creative :pity1:.
  8. Lesnar or Daniel Bryan - Round 2
  9. Personally I'd rather see Punk and Cena stay away from each other for a few years and eventually have a Wrestlemania match with Cena and Punk swaping face/heel roles. IMO the fued has just gotten stale and it's gotten to the point where nobody gives a shit about the biggest face in the company taking on the biggest heel. Definitely need to stay apart for a while.
  10. Great shout on Bryan, face Bryan vs heel Punk would be dope and we never really got that great match between them that we expected after OTL.
  11. Re: RE: Who would you have Punk feud with after Wrestlemania?

    That's why you need to invest time in him to get his momentum back you can't leave him treading water and still expect him to have any flow to his wkrk, give Miz a meaningful feud and he'll do the rest. A brief back story could be Punk loses his WM match to Taker, he's steadily spiraling down deeper into the lack of respect people are giving him. Punk is made to wrestle Miz and X for a shot at the title, Punk hits the GTS and goes for the cover but Miz breaks it up Punk throws him out of the ring after a brawl but is rolled up. Next week Punk gets on the mic and challenges Miz to a match after he cost him a shot at his title which Miz wins with a quick roll up after distraction from a Flair and Heyman altercation. Next week Flair is laid out covered in blood backstage after being beat down... Punk gets some more promo time and brags about how he destroyed the legendary Flair. Miz comes out and they have a mic battle about respect amongst other things. Flair announces next week that he knows how cunning Punk and Heyman are so as the dirtiest player in the game he knows the tricks do will be in Miz's corner. Punk wins with the feet on the ropes, after the match he beats down Miz leading to flair attempting the save but being sabotaged but Heyman and Punk. Cba building the rest but that's one way they could go imo.
  12. That is a well booked fued and the addition of Flair and Heyman add a hell of a lot to it, but I just don't think Miz is strong enough at the moment. And I know what you're saying, but I think he's either gotten lazy or lost confidence. Listen to his commentary on Main Event for the Cesaro/Orton match (also because it's a great TV match), he's constantly fumbling over lines, and just spouting lots of generic pish, it doesn't even sound like he's trying. That lie detector test on Raw a few weeks ago is exactly why I wouldn't let this fued happen, Miz was unprepared perhaps but let's be honest, Punk ripped him a new one.

    The other issue for me if Miz doesn't get more face pops then Punk could end up getting the face pops in their fued. The crowd are always very undecided with him and he usually gets a face pop for his entrance, so unless Miz gets MAD over then I could see the crowd turning on him badly. And as for the matches, Punk/Miz matches have been really tedious in the past so I'm not remotely interested in seeing them work together in the ring.

    No thank you from me.
  13. Not sure who he should feud with, but I'd love to see them add a bit of bad ass to his character. Maybe I'm just a mark, but I really hate to see him acting like a coward. It doesn't suit him. He has too much talent and pride to run away or get squashed every segment he's in. He should be more like heel Stone Cold, but maybe that's not possible under PG. The WWE seem determined to demonstrate that all bullies are pathetic cowards. Even Mark Henry had a habit of trying to get counted out. For some reason they're very reluctant to glorify bad ass-ness.

    A nice feud would Punk/Ryback, especially if Ryback winds up with a title. The feud was boring while Punk was doing nothing but cheating and running away, but with Punk as a heel/tweener underdog, hungry to regain a title, it could be very interesting. Ryback would be a typical monster, and Punk would be like a pitbull who doesn't back down and who, um, overcomes the odds. It wouldn't be corny if Punk did it...
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  14. He can feud with unemployment for all I care
  15. Well it's a little obvious that once Ryback is through with Shield that he'll be going for Punk. but I think that'll be delayed after mania. I think it would make sense for Ryback to face Punk even though the match would be bad.
    Another great alternative would be a Punk face turn, which Crayo mentioned he wouldn't like, but I think it could be good if he stayed the same, but just started fighting heels. I think if we have it where Heyman betrays Punk and then we have Punk going up against not only Lesnar, but a huge stable of "Paul Heyman Guys" that would be something to see. Punk could possibly have his own set of guyd who come from the indies like Bryan, Colt, Rollins, & Ambrose. I think that would make one hell of a survivor series match even though that would be months away from post Wrestlemania.

    There's always the option of him against Cena because they have yet to have a match to end cleanly. I don't think Punk needs another title run again though, maybe for a short while, but not like this time.
  16. If he continues as a heel, it could be Cena, DB possibly, Miz, if he turns face maybe Lesnar. But I like Stop's idea of making him take some time off after a big match with, say, Taker.
  17. We all expect Bryan to lose the tag team titles here shortly, and those two can put on one hell of a match.
  18. That would be nice. They can have a serious feud this time around.

    No AJ/love bullshit :george:
  19. They had one of the best matches of the year even with that stuff going on.
  20. Indeed. I can only imagine how much better it would be without that nonsense. The promos could be interesting as well.
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