Who would you have take the title off Hardy?

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  1. Even though we might be in for a long Hardy reign, who would you like to have take it off him? Roode? Ray? Aries? I'm guessing those will be the top candidates with Storm most likely.
  2. To be honest? The TNA Creatives should take the belt off of him. He is unreliable as a champ. He's addictions has ruined many moments for TNA. He came drugged out once during a match against Sting. As much as I used to like the guy back in the day, he is very unreliable.

    But if we are talking from in ring direction, than I'd say Bobby Roode. The guy was the best champion TNA had in a while. He really delivered his reign nicely, and I really want to see him with the belt again.
  3. Roode, Ray, Aries, Daniels, whatever. Just get it off him.
  4. Velvet Sky.
  5. Matt Morgan or Bully Ray.
  6. 1.) Roode
    2.) Aries
    3.) Bully
    4.) Storm
    5.) Daniels

    anyone will do. Fuck Hardy
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  7. Matt Morgan.
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  8. Anyway, Christopher Daniels or Austin Aries.
    I'd love to see Daniels with the belt, shit would be amazing. But if that doesn't happen, I wouldn't mind seeing Aries have another run.
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  9. As everyone just said, anyone that isn't Jeff Hardy.


    Aries, Bully, Roode, Daniels. In that order, would put Daniels higher if they couldn't milk a Christian reign out of the guy (and not immediately screw it up)
  10. To be honest with you, bro. I don't see a main eventer from Daniels. I would rather see him as the X-Division champion, with a main event matches here and there, but TNA World Champion? No thanks...
  11. care to explain why?
  12. Simple: He's not a TNA World Championship material.

    Yeah, he's a great wrestler no doubt, but he won't be believable as a champion. Bobby Roode looks FAR MORE believable than him. Someone like Bobby Roode can be the face of the company, but Christopher Daniels can't. Daniels is more of a upper-midcard talent who is good for "WOW Matches", but he isn't a guy that I can point my finger and say: "He can be a great TNA World Champion." Because he can't...
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  13. I don't see how. I think the only thing that Daniels doesn't have for world championship material is the size. Other then that, he is great on the mic and can even write his own stuff, he is great in ring, and can sell good. All that stuff is more then good for a world champion, looks aren't everything. While Roode does have all this stuff, Daniels also works his ass off and does deserve one reign, at least a good couple of months to do.
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  14. The other problem with him is that most of his career he went to feud with the same guy most of the time. He fought AJ Styles already 100 times. And I can't see him as a TNA World Champion, if he didn't really do much in TNA...

    If he was one of those guys that had numerous opponents, and had lengthy feuds, and showed he can hang with the best of 'em, than yes, I will surely say he is a World Championship material. But he didn't show any of the said above. And to me that's what he lacks to make himself credible as World Champion.
  15. He's a former X Division champion and Tag Team champion, he's feuded with other people before, and AJ Styles himself is a pioneer in TNA and a face. He's also feuded with other wrestlers before and defeated plenty. He has done plenty for TNA to become a world champion.
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  16. Absolutely. His other major feuds:

    - Jerry Lynn
    - vs. AMW as the part of XXX
    - numerous stable feuds
    - Chris Sabin
    - Samoa Joe

    He deserved a one freaking title run, no matter what you think of the man. If guys like BVD, Hardy and Anderson can be champions before him, and they haven't done half of what he's done for TNA, then I don't know. But I think he definitely is at his best right now, and from what I see ATM from him, this is one of the damnest. finest World Champion materials in some time.
  17. Aries or Roode, them have them feud over it, I don't care about the heel/heel logistics, it's what I want dammit!
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  18. Aries and Roode, both as heels, feuding for the belt, that shit would be dope.
  19. Ray or Daniels in case of two different scenarios.

    Ray will face him at Lockdown and he will take the belt thanks to Aces and Eights and he will reveal as a member of Aces & Eights. Ray would say all was a game to send Hogan from TNA, as he sucks. Ray will finally become a World Champ. The continue of this should be gold.

    Daniels will take the belt from Hardy. He beats him in the rematches. Then AJ returns and faces him. As I believe AJ vs Daniels is not over.
  20. The following candidates are perfectly fine to become TNA World Heavyweight Champions, Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, Austin Aries or Bully Ray.
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