Who would you like to return?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. This isn't about It Begins, just general talk.
    Who would you like to return to the WWE?

    Me personally, I would like Jeff Hardy, just because his Vibe in WWE was more interesting. Plus he had better matches *cough* Victory Road 2011 *cough*

    Kurt Angle - He just was a funny guy in WWE. Both Funny and a hell of a Wrestler.(Watch some of his promos/segments). In TNA he is just serious but still helluva Wrestler.

    Shelton Benjamin - Just very Underrated, It's not even funny.

    Montel Vonatvious Porter (MVP) - Again underrated and preferred as a heel.

    How about you?
  2. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin - The tag team division needs them.
    JBL - On commentary preferably and phase out Cole on Raw.
    Paul Heyman - Let him have full control of Smackdown creative again.
    Chris Masters - I know he hasn't be gone long but he was a really good babyface worker and should have been the man to end Cody's reign as Intercontinental Champion.
    Colt Cabana - Under this name not Scotty Goldman. He can work and he can speak much better then his previous run shows.
    Carlito - I loved the his debut heel run. If he was to come back motivated definite main eventer imo.
  3. Agree with those. Don't want Cole phased out though, just don't want him as play-by-play as a heel. He's better than the rest there when he isn't forced to be this goofball.
  4. I want to see Carlito return too, to be aligned with either Hunico or Epico and Primo.
    Colt Cabana - He doesn't have the look but he has the ability
    Chris Masters - I really don't even know why he was released but I think he would be better off in TNA.
  5. Cabana and Carlito could return into some tag-teams too. I don't see why they don't rejuvenate the tag-team division already, it's so easy to do.
  6. Paul Heyman would be great for Smackdown.
    Everyone knows this.

    Apart from that Chris Masters,Charilie Haas and Shelton Benjamin would also be good options.
    I would also love to see Jeff Hardy back.
  7. I'd say his look is better then both of the current world champions tbh. He's got the body mass to make him look like he could do some damage if that makes sense.
  8. Hardy has had so many chances though, the guy just looooves his drugs.

    Would love him back though, would help the mid card.
  9. WWE doesn't really care about Tag-Teams that much, but they're getting there.

    The Uso's - Very good tag team, talented and I like their Haka Entrance.

    Epico and Primo - I like their similarity to Mexico America in TNA but these two are more talented and Rosa Mendes makes a good manager.

    Air Boom - I'm not that into them, they were just kinda thrown together. But they are high flyers so that's entertaining.

    WWE wouldn't bring him back in Mid-Card and he is becoming a different person as of now because he has a daughter.
  10. But they're not featured every week. I'd rather watch a tag-team match than Jinder Mahal, or any diva-segment, or santino segment. They wander why the ratings are so low in the middle of the show, what is there to look forward to? Zack Ryder, that's it. :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. Well as of now, we are going to have a good start.
    We have:
    Best in the World Vs. Best in the World
    The Rock Vs. John Cena
    Streak Vs. Career match
  12. That's mania', was talking about RAW :emoji_slight_smile:.
  13. Well, it's going to be building up to Wrestlemania aka Road to Wrestlemania.
    With the promo wars between Jericho in Punk I will really go crazy.
    Also someone made the assumption that It Begins is Cena turning Heel? I don't know how he got that.
  14. It does seem to be reaching greatly. The only conclusion I could reach is Cena is going to cause the end of the WWE he created ( as the face of the era) and claim the wwe title back to change it? Admittedly it makes little to zero sense but it's the only thought I have on how it could be Cena.
  15. Maybe, I hope in the process he changes his theme because it's ran it's course. Maybe until he's face again.
  16. Lol it's not a Cena heel turn, that wouldn't make any sense.
  17. Yeah definitely not a Cena heel turn. I'm crossing my fingers for Jericho.
  18. I know it isn't, I said a fan assumed to it being a Heel turn which I questioned on how he got that assumption.
  19. Yeah fans will say anything. Jericho, Taker or Sheffield I think.
  20. Thank god Sheffeild is out of the picture because he had a Dark Match last week. Taker is not at the area so it's a shoe in for The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!