Ring of Honor Who would you like to see book ROH?

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  1. ROH is currently booked by Delirious, and whilst it seems stable enough, I myself think that a new booker needs to come in that can make some interesting angles that make the TV product more interesting (something ROH needs since it is a TV product now). But who would you like to see get a run with the book?

    I'm gonna ignore the typical "Heyman" route since Heyman wasn't that great a booker, great coming up with ideas, but in the old ECW it was mostly the talent being handed the ideas that fleshed them out and made them into angles. Heyman is a great idea machine, but he needs someone that can flesh out said ideas.

    I'd like to see Corino get a run with the book. He's been in the business for a long time and has had experience booking before and from what I have heard the angles he booked were good. And he knows the roster already so I feel like he could book them well and work well with them.

    Who'd you pick?
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  2. Dutch Mantel. I know it wouldn't be possible since he is in WWE, but I would love if he booked it. It would probably get me watching ROH again. Dutch is a great wrestling mind. I can't think of anyone else besides him.
  3. If he didn't have his own promotion, Tommy dreamer. The dude has a great wrestling mind and could probably recall some of heyman's motivational techniques to make the guys put forth their best efforts for not much money.
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  4. Dreamer would be pretty cool to see book it.
  5. Another guy I'd like to see get a run with the book is Rob Naylor. He was one of Gabe Sapolsky's henchmen when he started DGUSA and Evolve and then got signed to the WWE as a creative assistant for FCW and NXT under Dusty Rhodes. He's the guy that booked Seth Rollins title run, Big E Langston's NXT run and the Wyatt Family and helped develop a lot of the characters down there. He's not with the WWE anymore (they couldn't come to terms on a new position for him but they split on good terms and Trips has said he wants him back). He'd definitely be interesting to see book a show.
  6. Out of anyone in this world? William Regal. He just seems so masterful at being a wrestling mind, none of my doubt would be on him in booking ROH.

    Apart from the impossible, Dreamer and Dutch were some good names mentioned. Can't really think of anymore.
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