Who would you like to see returning at the Rumble?

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  1. So guys, there are about 5 or 6 vacant spots at the Rumble, iirc. They'll most likely be filled by returning superstars or legends, who would like to see back? Which legends would you like to see doing a one-time appearance, and which superstars would you like to see return to WWE full time at the Rumble? Discuss.
  2. Steve Blackman would be a cool guy to show up.
  3. Blackman's a nice shout.

    I think I'd like to see Backlund, MVP, Carlito and Shelton back.
  4. Benjamin and Carltio are apparently penciled in. I'd say Matt Hardy could get a decent pop.
  5. I'd mark for listening to Hardy's theme again, could get a very nice pop indeed.
  6. The guy is 49 and still in incredible shape, doing his jiu-jitsu and what not. I always like him.
  7. Shamrock, Headbangers, El Generico's debut :gusta:
  8. Undertaker as always. Or austin.
  9. Morrison , Benjamin ....
  10. Christian. Sick and tired to wait him return. Want to hear Just Close Your Eyes tomorrow.
  11. [​IMG]

    Dolph vs Billy... Oh my, oh my....
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