Who would you put Dolph in a feud with?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jul 9, 2013.

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  1. Let's say he wins on Sunday, who do you put him in a feud with?
  2. I think they'll do at least one more match between him and Del Rio at Summerslam just to get the most mileage out of that feud as possible. Possibly a special stipulation the third time around. It's possible they have Del Rio DQ himself at MITB and only have him drop the belt come Summerslam. I'd have no issue with this personally, as I'd rather have Ziggler chase the title that's in the clutches of a heel Del Rio for two months rather than one. It builds a little more anticipation towards Ziggler finally recapturing the gold.

    After that, maybe they'll go ahead with the split between Ziggler and AJ/Big E Langston. Something drives a wedge between Ziggler and AJ, and as a result of Ziggler dumping her (maybe she interferes and accidentally costs him the match at MITB or Summerslam or at least comes close to doing so), she sics Big E Langston on him and Langston promises to take his WHC from him. I picture him laying Ziggler out at some point and holding up his belt and saying that he'll never see this again as long as it's in his grasp. I like the image of him stealing the belt and coming out on the next show with it on his shoulder while AJ simultaneously holds up the Diva's title. Ziggler defeating Langston and thus getting his 'victory' over the both of them seems like a good idea on how to split him apart from them for good.
  3. Agree with Kevin on the keeping the feud until Summerslam. It seems to quick to end the feud now since they just turned on the last Pay-Per-View. Ziggler should win it at Summerslam, I would say a ladder match for the belt. After that, aside from the obvious Langston, it would be interesting to see Ziggler feud with Henry. The smaller guy going up against a legit monster would be interesting to watch, especially if he goes over Henry.

  4. That reminds me of the plans for the triple threat ladder match that was originally supposed to take place at Extreme Rules (Ziggler/Del Rio/Swagger.) There were reports that said the company still wanted to do it at Summerslam perhaps. Swagger is out of the title picture (thank fuck) but they could still end up doing one with Ziggler/Del Rio.

    Seems a bit flimsy doing a ladder match after just having two of them at the previous month's PPV, but it would work. The company would probably prefer if Ziggler won his belt back by gaining a pin fall victory over Del Rio, but they can always book around that by showing Ziggler having Del Rio pinned and defeated at MITB, if not for the referee being knocked out.
  5. I did think about having a ladder match after the whole Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View, but it just seemed like an ideal match type between these two. Since they both have won Money in the Bank in the past, and have both cashed it in to become World champions. This time it wouldn't be for a cash in, it would be for the actual gold itself, plus Ziggler could work well with his bumping abilities and whatnot in this match type.
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