Who would you put in a feud with Clay?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Discuss.
  2. Triple H. :bury:

    Biatch please.
  3. Tensai, just so at least one of them is buried, streak vs streak
    Ryback would be in there but he is a BEAST! :ryback:
  4. I think Tensai. I had some ideas for them feuding over the US title some time ago.
  5. Maybe Mark Henry
  6. Hornswaggle. A one week fued, with Clay hopefully turning heel by the end of smackdown, otherwise.....nah thats all ive got.
  7. I would put Ryback with him. one of them has to lose at some point and i want brodus to lose first.. it wont make him look too bad losing to an undefeated monster
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  8. I'd want it to be with Tensai all though I could tell those matches would be fucking terrible.
  9. I have no desire to see him against another huge guy.. those matches are always slow, tedious, and boring. So Henry, Tensai, ect. Fuck that.

    A feud with Rhodes would be sweet once he finishes jobbing to Christian. Of course I would have Rhodes eventually going over to help give him more credibility on the way to securing his main event spot.
  10. I think a Sandow feud can write itself and give it a lengthy run time it can work wonders for both guys, with them trading wins.
  11. His diet, but i'm afraid it might end in an i quit match.. :downer:
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  12. :laugh: :sad:
  13. :win:
  14. An idea I saw earlier: Have Tyler Reks turn face, and make a tag team between T-Reks and the Funkasaurus. Let them continue the kid-friendly Funkasaurus crap and let them feud with Titus and Darren.

    Sure as hell dont want to split up the Rekking Crew, or have any babyface tag team push not go to Kidd and Gabriel, but its better to do this than to watch him bury Miz or Ziggler again.

    Plus it sets up a potentially epic heel turn.
  15. Split Curt and Reks up? Who are you and what have you done with Rainman?
  16. I don't think Brodus will bury Ziggler or Miz for some time. They seem to have something going with Ziggler and Miz is out filming that movie of his.
  17. Have something going with Ziggler? Two weeks ago he teased a solo turn, then last week he came out with Vickie and jobbed to Sheamful without any segment or anything teasing Dolph being pissed and blaming Vickie.
  18. He will be pushed... they have to push him! :upset:
  19. Yeah, winning the MITB briefcase is where Dolph might finally get his 'groove' back, somewhat similar to Edge at Wrestlemania 21 (his character was going batshit insane more and more before finally winning the briefcase.) Ziggler really shouldn't be anywhere near Clay.
  20. He's tied up in a secret underground location... if you want to find him, either forward me $10,000 or you can deal with lackluster redneck street gangs and creepy homeless people pissing everywhere in a surely feeble attempt to find him.

    From Brodus's point of view there isn't a better option... may as well bury the dead tag division instead of the quality young talent. Obviously if I was booking it, Hawkins and Reks would be two popular anti-authority tag champs in a healhy division, and Brodus's fat ass would be jobbing, so this conversation wouldn't be happening. But since WWE just wants to screw things up and not push the tag division anyway, it's better to get this green burial machine out of the midcard.
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