Who would you want to jump ship?

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  1. This counts both ways. I know the most common fantasy is TNA stars moving to WWE, but TNA fans might want some WWE superstars (yes, more) to go to TNA? This doesn't just apply to those two companies, it can be any,

    Anyway, I'd obviously want Styles, Steen & Generico to go to WWE. I wouldn't mind Morrison, Sheamus & Bourne to jump ship to TNA also.
  2. I would like to see Steiner back in WWE. Also wouldn't mind seeing Pope and Matt Morgan in WWE.

    I would like Caine Valasquez from UFC to come into the WWE.
  3. Jeff Hardy
    Ric Flair
    Kurt Angle back to WWE.

    Very entertaining guys.
  4. Agreed.
  5. I couldn't make up my mind. Changed my post like 3 times.
  6. From TNA to WWE :
    • Samoa Joe - Needs someone like Vince to motivate him plus Punk vs Joe needs to happen on mainstream television.
    • Magnus - Great look, great speaker with great natural charisma. Needs to shape up abit in the ring but he's so young and basically is a star in the making.
    • Crimson - Great look and decent charisma. He's still very green but with the correct push could be huge.
    • Bobby Roode - This amount of ability deserves a wrestlemania main event. I love TNA but Bobby needs to be at the grandest stage of them all.

    From WWE to TNA :
    • Curt Hawkins - So underused by the WWE he deserves mid card gold or at least a tag title run.
    • Drew McIntyre - A real diamond in the rough give him his stage and let him perform. An excellent talent who could flourish in TNA similarly to Christian Cage.
    • Justin Gabriel - He's too good in ring to be left on superstars, let him loose in the X division then who knows how far he could go.

    From indies to WWE :
    • Kevin Steen - The best wrestler in the world from my perspective. He's got charisma by the bucket load, an ability to brawl one minute then fly the next. He's not got the conventional wwe look but he's so distinguishable and would make a great psychotic heel.
    • Colt Cabana - The funniest man in wrestling currently imo. He can talk as well as put on a decent match. Doesn't really have the look but with Punk's backing could be a big midcard babyface.
    • Chris Hero - You've got one king of wrestling you need the other.
    • The young bucks - They could be the next Hardy boys they would fit the WWE well.

    From Indies to TNA :
    • Jay and Mark Briscoe - The tag team division isn't what it once was in TNA it needs revitalizing this would be one step towards that.
    • Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin - See above.
    • El Generico - Many want him to go to the WWE but with no cruiserweight structure I'm unsure. I'd rather he be a regular X division competitor then left on superstars.

    From Japan to TNA
    • Kenta - Would add alot to the in ring product. Lacks the mic skills to get over in the WWE properly but could be huge if he's allowed to steal the show in TNA with a silent assassin style gimmick.

    From Mexico to WWE
    • Averno - to reignite his feud with Sin Cara. Just produced amazing matches.
    • Volador JR - I enjoy him in ring and hopefully he could do something with Sin Cara / ADR.

    To ROH
    • John Morrison - A feud with Jay Lethal would result in great matches over the TV title. Sure he lacks on the mic but as a in ring athlete are there many better?
    • Tyler Black - - Sure he's got potential in the WWE but I'd love him to come back to ROH and reclaim the World title.
    There are others but I can't really think of them at the moment.
  7. Great post. Agreed about Joe, he'd definitely need to get in shape though. I'm sure Vince wouldn't sign him in his current state. Also, if they sign Joe they'd never get Steen in my opinion. They're too similar (I rate Steen higher than Joe though).

    I'd love Roode to jump to WWE, I'm slowly becoming a big fan. Not sure he'll have the mic skills to compete against the best though. Would absolutely love Cabana to come to WWE to spice the mid-card up.
  8. I personally see them feuding over who's the biggest monster in the company. Have them both take out superstars to try and one up each other. Joe could be the babyface bad ass, which he plays so well and Steen could be the psychotic heel. That's the only reason I had them both going to the WWE. Fantasy booking in the early hours of the morning strikes again lol.
  9. Haha it'd be great but yeah, fantasy-booking. Face bad-asses don't work any-more in WWE either unless you're given the sort of treatment Punk is getting where he can pretty much say as he pleases.
  10. What about Orton? I can see Joe getting the pops similar to him if he displays his aggression mixed in with his athletic ability.
  11. Orton has the look of a psycho, I wouldn't say Joe does.
  12. If anything I'd consider this version of Samoa Joe as looking more psychotic
    than Randy ever has.

    From 3:05. He looks like he wants to kill Kurt here like literally kill him. I can see why Randy has the look of a psycho with his facials but the fake tan and baby oil kind of ruin it for me.
  13. Yeah in that segment he was great, but I don't think he could compare with Orton's expressions. Orton for me is the best at displaying his character just through his face in the whole of professional wrestling. A guy with a lack of mic skills has got far just with those alone. Especially his feud with the McMahons. Also, Randy took years of build up to be able to be the most over face but still the same character, the crowd wouldn't be that affectionate towards Joe at first (the ones who don't know his background). I always say, to be over as a super face (most of the time) you need to be one badass heel first, but then get loved.

    It was around Sheamus' run where everyone wanted Sheamus to face someone like Orton because people were sick of him being this "badass", Orton came out and was meant to be a heel but people were popping like mad. I'd definitely think Joe would have to arrive in WWE as a heel.
  14. Joe has a great wrestling background, that's for sure, but you can't compare him to Orton.. Orton is a freakin legend!

    Joe has a long ways to go yet though.
  15. They're both really talent people and Randy is more known in the world of mainstream wrestling. About the only thing Joe hasn't done is go to the WWE though. He's had three matches rated 5 stars ( vs punk, the triple threat with AJ Styles and Daniels plus the match with Kenta Kobashi ) compared to Randy's 0. So he has surpassed Orton with some non kayfabe elements and I believe he could become a star as big as Randy if given the correct push.
  16. I'm skeptical as to whether he'll be as big as Randy, perhaps if he had a similar story-line to Punk he could pull it off and become huge. But I can't see any face reactions as loud as Orton personally, that takes years.
  17. It would completely depend on his motivation and booking but he's one of the most well known indie / TNA talents in the world if the chose a run of a few smark cities and left the casuals grow towards him it's possible.
  18. It's possible no doubt, but it's unlikely in my opinion. He'd need to lose a lot of weight, well, basically like you said, he'd need to be highly motivated. New York & Chicago might give him a good reception, could add most of Canada to that maybe, but he'll definitely need the perfect push. Something big, which WWE don't tend to do very often.
  19. He's got backing from Cena and Punk so it seems if anyone were to get the big push it could well be him. He'd probably be really over in Philly also since that's were ROH ran alot of their early shows.
  20. That may be true @[seabs], but Kayfabe has put Orton through every possible situation you could think of. While Joe's wrestling ability could surpass Orton in a year or two, Joe will never be a big as Orton any time soon, or quite possibly ever.

    Now AJ Styles for example, I could see him becoming as big as Orton, quite possibly even bigger... But he would need to come to WWE, and have Kayfabe put him in A LOT of stuff to make him as mainstream as Orton. Let's face it though, Styles is phenominal either way, but Orton is legend. I just wish Orton had the same size fan base as John Cena..