Who would you want WWE to bring back on commentary?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. You know how wwe brings back WWE wrestlers to get on the mic like Booker and JBL. which former WWE wrestler would you prefer to come back as commentary? Edge would probably be the best guy to bring back. Maybe triple h cuz he has great story telling abilities, but he's the CEO. William regal could bring some class to commentary with his accent and his intellect.
  2. William is already a commentator and GM on NXT and doing a stellar job. Triple H I don't think would be a good commentator mainly because his inability to have stories not focus on him.
  3. Don't know since who can really know how good or not an ex-wrestler would be on commentary. I imagine Edge might be pretty good at it.
  4. Vince was great on commentary, but I guess that ship has sailed.
  5. Lol^

    They should definately have Barrett on commentary, there was a Kaval vs Danielson match on FCW which he commentated on and he's brilliant.
  6. Edge seems like a good pick. I don't really think they need any color commentators at the moment, but I think a guy like Roddy Piper would be nice to hear from.
  7. Edge has been reported saying he doesn't want to commentate. He doesn't want to be a GM/Manager/authority figure either. He just wants to wrestle and that door is permanently closed for him due to his neck.
  8. I understand his decision on that. Well, seems like it's sporadic appearances from now on.
  9. He can still do a couple matches. Like in 5 years maybe.
  10. Don't need to bring anyone back. Use Stanford, Cole and Regal, or even just Striker/Stanford.
  11. JR!

    Show Spoiler

    Needed this for a two letter statement. :troll:
  12. That's the thing he can't. He has the same injury that Stone Cold has only his didn't heal properly. If he gets in the ring one more time there is a 99% chance of total paralysis from the neck down.
  13. JR and crown wearing king that used to say "PUPPIES!' and "AAAHHHH"
  14. Lawler's girl scream is awesome, I crack myself up everytime I hear it.
  15. TAZZ would definently be a shocker
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