Who would your dream TNA commentary be?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, May 13, 2013.

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  1. One of the biggest downfalls of TNA for me is their disgusting commentary. I hate Tenay and Taz, they're useless. Who would your dream partnership be?
  2. Jeremy Borash & Don West or if its a total fantasy pick, it would be Tony Schivanie & Bobby Heenan
  3. Joey Styles and Scott Stiener
  4. Marv Albert & DDP
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  6. Eric Bischoff, Don West and Jim Ross.
  7. Jeremy Borash and Eric Bischoff. Their work on Xplosion together was awesome.
  8. Kazrian and Daniels
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  9. Scott Levy (Raven), Eric Bischoff and a special guest every week. Bischoff and Levy would be fantastic together and their real-life animosity would definitely heighten the tension. I prefer three-man commentary teams and despite considering a motivated Tenay, I'd rather see a mix of Tenay, Taz, JB, injured talents etc.

    For the time being I'd much prefer Tenay/JB or even Tenay/Bischoff. Just get Taz outta there, he also cuts down and talks over that Todd Kennely guy so much, that I still have yet to reach a judgement on him!
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  10. Don West, a penny, a used napkin and a potato chip.
  11. Taz and Booker T.
  12. Anyone as long as they mix up who is commentating each week. It drives me crazy hearing the same people all the time, this goes for wwe too (vintage orton springs to mind).
  13. I woudln't bring JB to the announce desk because he CONSTANTLY uses the words "obviously" and "certainly". It's so ugh.
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