Who you cannot stand?

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  1. Im interested in hear some opinions on where people stand for who they absolutely cannot stand on the current WWE roster. I see a lot of dissatisfaction with how WWE's creative handles things from most of you (including myself) so I want to go into even more detail and see what WWE superstars you feel need to hear the words "YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!" Feel free to elaborate if you wish.

    For me its Ryback. Cannot stand "The Big Guy"
  2. Recently, Ziggler.
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  3. Who I cannot stand? The artistic geniuses in WWE's creative department.
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  4. Ziggles is pants. Same old shit, ass cape twat
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  5. Del rio. Sheamus
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  6. Paige - She is an annoying, British AJ rip-op. No thanks.
    Ziggler - Just fire the dude already... He obviously don't know how to walk away.
    Bray - He says the same crap all the time, just changes who he says it to. B-O-R-I-N-G
    Undertaker - :gtfo:
  7. Miz, buts that is the point of him anyway, Ziggler deserves better, Del Rio wtf he's boring
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  8. Ziggler
    Charlotte (promo wise)

    to name a few
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  9. Daniel Bryan
    Summer Rae
  10. Del Rio, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Big Show. Just off the top
  11. eww I forgot about the Big Slow.
  12. Jawn Cena
    Baron Borebin
    Eva Marie
    Big Show
    The Bellas
    Summer Rae
    Dana Brooke
    The Usos
    Los Matadores
    Adam Rose
    Mojo Rawley
    Sylvester Lefort
    Marcus Louis
    Everyone who does the announcing, besides Corey Graves and Tom Phillips

    That's all, I guess.
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  13. I think you missed about 20 more there... :bischoff:
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  14. Quite possibly, wrote those off the top of my head :happy:
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  15. :jbl:
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