Whoa whoa whoa. Cesaro jobbed to Gabriel?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. WWE gonna WWE. This is terrible booking. I'm sure Cesaro will squash him on the PPV in a rematch, but still. How often does this happen? The IC/US champ job to some scrub and that match sets up a title match?

    Why shouldn't the title be on the line to begin with? It's just lazy and stupid booking
  2. Justin is a new face. He is going to start winning more. They want to build him up. He is a good high flying wrestler. He's not a jobber.
  3. Gabriel is hardly a new face. He was in Nexus and got a decent push as a face after he broke away from them and the Corre. He also got a bit of a push when they kept showing him traveling around South Africa.

    I also never called him a jobber and wouldn't mind seeing him win matches, but not randomly over a mid card champ who up to this point has been booked strong as fuck. It's a bad move
  4. I actually disagree. They booked it as a shock win which is fine. I'm tired of the status quo squash matches. It's nice and fresh to have a challenger get the right to be #1 contender by beating the champion in a fluke manor, it now makes us think "Hey, he might actually have a chance against Cesaro.", or at least the casuals think that.
  5. Nah. It's hardly shocking when they do it all the time. It is a big part of why mid card titles mean jack shit, because the champs lose all the time in lame ass non title matches. I'm not a fan whatsoever.

    There are a million ways to book a midcard feud between Cesaro and Gabriel, and this would be about the 1,000,001st idea I would use.
  6. Okay I know Miz lost to Kofi and now Cesaro to Gabriel, but it's very rare any champion jobs CLEANLY on RAW. I just thought the shock factor is a pleasant refreshing way to start a feud or announce a #1 contender than the oh-so-typical heel cheats to win which makes face mad which sets up match.

    Though I'd much prefer someone else feuding with Cesaro, like Riley, than someone who can't speak. The match will be good though.
  7. I remember when Santino was jobbing clean all the time as US Champ, including multiple times to ADR.

    I also like how you presented two ways to set up a feud as if they were the only two options. Come on man, there are dozens of ways to set up this feud.
  8. I was trying to keep it realistic in terms of WWE's retarded booking. I know there are many better ways to set up a midcard feud. I think Santino only jobbed to ADR clean, the rest were dirty, though I'm not 100% sure. At the time ADR was the #1 contender for the WHC, so of course he was going to go over the holder of the least prestigious title in WWE.
  9. Obviously man, but that's why you don't book ADR/Santino in the first place in that scenario lol. It doesn't do a damn thing for ADR and just makes the US TItle look like the joke that it is. I just thought Cesaro might be on his way to adding some much needed prestige not only to the US TItle but the midcard in general.. and I'm disappointed to see he is already starting to have his aura damaged by jobbing to a guy who hasn't been pushed for anything recently. It's refreshing to actually see a heel booked as a big cocky asshole who is a beast and doesn't need to cheat or act like a pussy.
  10. I thought the idea to have Gabriel win was great. Actually, I think quite the contrary to what you do. Why would I want to sit through a match when I know who the winner is going to be? I love that it was a clean finish because it gives me intrigue into more matches that are similar. Out of everything done so badly last night, this was the one that was done correctly.
  11. Nooo I meant new face as in he was a heel and just switched to a face.
  12. Seriously? When/where was he a heel? I've only seen him work as a face since he left the Corre
  13. This win doesn't mean shit for J Gabs. He won't win the belt at the PPV, and he will float off into obscurity.

    remember when Tyson Kidd upset Tensai and people were like ZOMG UNDERDOG VS BADASS FEUD! KIDD PUSHED!

    where did that lead again?
  14. He's been a face for almost two years now @[Britanica]
  15. Seriously?

    I don't watch smackdown... :pity::dawg:
  16. Sure at a PPV you expect Cesaro to win which is fine. For raw though? It's good to see a match that goes against the norm. Gabriel is no pushover in my book and I wont agree that he will float off into obscurity because the guy has been relevant before.
  17. So you see big things in Gabriel's future? lolok
  18. I mean maybe, I don't see why not? He impresses me in the ring. Coming from a guy who likes Joey Ryan though... So i'm not sure you will understand :smug:
  19. I'm a hater of Gabriel but I can see why people think he has potential. He has a decent look, very good in the ring and an exciting move set. If WWE had some sort of X-Division type thing then he would flourish.
  20. I'd agree with you crayo and he will never be world champ or a superstar but I could see him with the US or IC strap in years to come. If the WWE stays at 3 hours and they implement the cruiserweight division much like they are bringing back the tag team to significance than I think guys like this will have even more room to flourish and the product will be better.
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