Who'll the 5th member be?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Leo C, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. So, after last week's Raw, Team Foley was left with an open spot following the departure of Ryback. Who do you think will fill said spot? A random midcarder, someone making his return, maybe even Miz? Discuss.
  2. Miz I reckon.
  3. Either Miz or Christian returns.
  4. The Miz or maybe some low midcarder like Tyson Kidd I guess.
  5. Forgot about Christian, I hope not, he's so irrelevant as a face :emoji_slight_frown:.
  6. The Miz. What else is there for him to do at Survivor Series? He could either turn full face or he could only tease it but then help Team Ziggler win at the PPV.
  7. This is what I personally think is happening.
  8. Unless they throw together a second elimination team match for Miz to captain then he is going to be the fifth member.
  9. I was thinking Christian... Or Bourne??
  10. Bourne is not high profile enough and won't be back until late spring.
  11. :okay:
  12. Girl you posted yourself that he won't be back until around right after Wrestlemania earlier today :otunga:
  13. Yeah, I did. :true:
  14. Im thinking either Mick Foley just wrestles as his own 5th member, The Miz turns face & joins Team Foley or Christian returns as Team Foley's 5th member these would be awesome if any one of these happen.
  15. The Miz probably won't be the 5th member since WWE put up an article asking who the 5th member would be with Miz listed as a possible candidate. Normally WWE doesn't put the actual person on the article so im about 90% certain it won't be him which absolutely devastates me cos I would love to see Miz as a face. I reckon it'll either be Mick, Christian or a Returning Jack Swagger.
  16. Maybe Brodus Clay?
  17. Swagger, Christian and Foley himself are nice shouts, Miz too.
  18. If Swagger was to join, it would give him a pretty good push.
  19. Fuck Swagger, it makes no sense.
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